Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas is sneaky

How does it always creep up on me like this? Ack! I'm so not ready! I have presents to buy, meals to plan and trips to prepare for...and there's no time left. *sigh*

Reminder tonight is the Survivor Cook Islands finale and tomorrow is the chat at Realms of Love. Remember you need to register as a member to get into the chat (I think). Should be fun though. We'll be giving away free books, so come play.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Last Prophecy is a Recommended Read!

Yesterday I saw that Last Prophecy had been given a RR...Recommended Read at Rites of Romance Reviews. Here's a snippit about what Reviewer Adra Steia had to say:

"This is a funny, sweet, creepy novella that shouldn't be missed!"

To see the whole review, go here:

In Survivor news...we're down to the final episode! I always get so excited and so depressed at this point. This means February until the next season..if they do another season. I guess we'll find out on sunday.

So about last night's episode....well, I thought someone should tell Parvati and Adam that when you're down 2:4, it's not likely that you'll get one person to flip...what good would it do them? Forcing a tie that, if your side lost, makes them a bad guy. Nope, Ozzy wouldn't been an idiot to flip. That being said, I hope he does make it to final 2. If anyone out there deserves to win, he does. He's played a low key game as far as strategy goes....weighing in with opinions when needed, but for the most part, letting Yul be the leader and usually, as we all know, the leaders take the flack with the jury. Yes all of them voted that way, but with Yul as the apparent leader, he's the one who they'll be pissed at. I guess Yul has this last chance to play the idol next week so we'll see how that goes. At least the idol came into play in some way this season.

The naked hot tub bit was cool. LOL It's always funny to see how the survivors react to alchol after not eating much for a month...that and coffee.

Best part of the episode? When Becky and Sundra came to the realization that Ozzy was a huge threat. Um DUH! if you're just figuring that out now, you so don't deserve to win. Maybe this turn of heart was sparked by jealousy over not winning the challenge...but honestly, if they didn't notice how Ozzy dominates these women need glasses or something.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wedding Wars

I have been watching the previews for this on A&E for well over a month now, so I just had to watch it. Boy am I glad I did. What a clever, funny, heart warming story! The issue of same sex marriage is one that's very dear to me, so I knew I'd enjoy it, but I had no idea how much. I'm generally not a huge fan of made for TV movies...I just gotta say, the writer on this one deserves a huge ovation. the characterization, the dialogue, the It also had a great cast.

If you missed it last night, there is an encore this saturday at 10 (I think it's at 10) Definately check it out.

k, for someone who writes, that review was really pathetic LOL but I was up really late, then got woken early by the kiddies so my brain feels a little melted.

Maybe I shouldn't do any editing or new writing today. LOL I fear for the quality if I do.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Finally! A review for Moving Atlantis!

Moving Atlantis has been out for 3 weeks or so now, and I have been nervously awaiting the reviews. I know Enchanted Ramblings has done one, but it's not on the website yet. Yesterday I found a review for it on Once Upon a Romance. Janet, the reviewer, calls it "refreshingly different" so that's pretty cool. To read the full review, click here:

Friday, December 08, 2006

Join us for a chat at Realms of Love

Join myself, Aline de Chevigny, Kim Rees and Michelle Hasker for a live chat at Realms of Love - December 18th at 9pm

We'll be discussing our latest books and giving away goodies. I'll be giving away a download of Moving Atlantis.

Survivor ranting

STOOOOOOOOPID! Sorry, but I just think it was dumb to vote out Jonathan. Personally, I could live with someone I didn't like for a few more days, but Adam has a chance to win challenges so they should have kicked him out. And did you see Adam's face when he only got one vote? Good lord, you'd think the guy just won the million. I'm hoping that Ozzie doesn't flip, cause I really don't want Adam or Parvati to make it to the end. They so don't deserve it. Ok, if your strategy is to be lazy and charm the others into carrying you, fine...but that so wouldn't wash with me. Neither of them has done much in the way of playing the game, no plotting, no planning. At least the others have worked the out play, out wit thing.

Personally, I can't see the problem with Jonathan. He did what he had to do to stay in the game and I think that, if put in the same place, any of the Raro people would have done the same. I wanted to slap Adam for saying Jonathan is responsible for voting out all the people on the jury...WHAT? Um, hello! Wasn't it your idea to vote out Brad? Wasn't it your idea to vote out Jennie and that other chick? Duh. Jonathan went along with YOUR plan, dumbass. Nice try at deflecting the blame though. I doubt any of them fell for it, but nice try.

The reward challenge was cool. I almost wish that they hadn't brought home food, cause it would have made things interesting if the hiding food thing had happened. It would have meant less chance of Ozzy being tempted to switch over to Adam and Parvati's side. I really hope that doesn't happen. *sigh*

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Criminalists in training

In preparing for a new series I'm planning, I've been watching a ton of CSI reruns which has totally annoyed my kids. Usually they groan and complain when I changed the channel but the other night they decided to imitate what I was watching.

My 5 year old daughter was the CSI. She took a pair of plastic tweezers from her fisher price doctor kit and collected evidence (mostly her socks, a wrapper from a rice crispie square, and other bits. Then she took them to the "lab" where my 2 year old son would analyze them for blood spatter, while he ran finger prints on their ibook. They also ran DNA tests using plastic cups and the syringe thingie that came with the doctor kit.

I'm totally into encouraging creativity so I went looking for toy CSI kits...well I found some but they were for ages 10 and up. After thinking for a minute I realized I could probably make them each one with stuff from the dollar store and makeup section of Zellars. So here's my plan:

small metal make up cases
pimple pads for GSR testing
pressed powder brushes for dusting for prints
magnifying glass
note pads
rubber gloves
little squirt bottles

The oldest wants a microscope but those all say ages 8 and up so I don't know if I'll go that far. We'll have to see what we can find.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I've been googling my name just to see if anything new pops up and I found a new review for Last Prophecy from Romance Reviews Today. Here's what they had to say:

Great suspense, terrific characterization and a charming romance, this first person short story is an absolute winner!


K, now that I've gotten that out of the way....I'll go back to plotting christmas shopping.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Flaming bags of popcorn

I know it shouldn't be possible, but yes, I did indeed ignite a bag of microwave popcorn yesterday and the house still stinks. See, it was one of those little packages, single serving size. Normally I'd stand there and watch it, after simply pushing the popcorn button, but I looked on the directions and it said 3 minutes. So I put it on and went to put on Ice Age 2 for the kids...yes I should have watched it...but Mr. reddibacher has never steered me wrong in the past. Well the kitchen was so thick with smoke I couldn't see, my eyes burned for hours and the inside of the microwave was black with soot. Inside the bag was a glob of blackened goo which nobody could have mistaken for popcorn.

I think I'll stick with the normal size bags from now on. At least I know the popcorn button cooks them perfectly every time.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's that time of year again...

With the snow we've been getting, it's hard to deny that Christmas is on it's way. How does it happen that I manage to leave presents to the last minute every year? I have the greatest intentions to get all the shopping done by October and every time I find myself braving the shops mid December in a panic. Of course it could be that we never have any money so buying presents isn't usually possible until it's cruch time. I'd hoped to be able to put all my writing income for christmas but things came bills...stupid bills. On the other hand, there wasn't much income to put away. Sad. Hopefully this year will be better now that I've gotten my feet wet.

The other thing the snow makes me think of is new years and those resolutions that I never seem to be able to keep. Keep the house clean *snort*, take the dogs for more walks *eep*, write every day *oops*, stop eating so much junk *sob*. Why do I torture myself? I mean, who can vow to do that for a whole year? It's just not feasible.

Well I'm off to bake, clean and walk the least if I'm going to clean I should be able to eat the junk...and walking the dogs makes the extra calories sort of's all good.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Survivor and laptop demise

Ok, first I'm going to's better than crying.

Last night on suvivor things got beautifully nasty. That was the survivor we've all missed! With half the people calling Jonathan a "Filthy rat" and the other half being bombarded with pleas, it was a good episode. All I can say is THANK GOD Candice is gone! Her and Adam kissing was just getting gross. I mean, these people haven't bathed in a month....ewwwww! And what was with the big slobbery smooch when she left? Say what you want about Amber and Rob, but at least they weren't acting like horny teenagers on the show. Yuck. Jeff made a good point though....if it was love, he'd have given her immunity. I hope Adam goes next.

As for Jonathan....I felt bad for the guy. It's a game, and he saw a chance to make a good play. Really, given the circumstances, it was the only play he could make. Anything else and he'd have been voted off. I wanted to slap Adam, Candice and Parvati for just laying around in the hut while the others worked....I so would have refused to feed them too. Good move to Aitu. You can't be down in numbers and be lazy...even if you're up in numbers...being lazy is one sure way to not get any votes from the least act like you give a damn about being in the game. rant I'm going to get weepy. My ibook bit the big one last night. A few months ago, the 2 year old dropped it..pulled it off the desk. I finally got a new power cord for it (Thanks Jeremy!) and after about 1 hour of use, the monitor died. Apparently it broke in the fall, and it was only a matter of time. So I mounted it as an external hard drive to the emac and got all my files, pics and music off it. At least I didn't lose two years worth of work, not to mention all the baby pics of the 2 year old responsible for all this depression.

I'd planned a massively unrealistic schedule for 2007, writing wise, based on having the laptop but now without it, it's gone from unrealistic to pretty much impossible. I need to get my sales up so I can buy a new one!

And just because my day wasn't enough in the crapper, the ceiling is leaking.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Moving Atlantis is now available!

Yeah, I know...I'm a bit behind on the announcement. It's been a week of sick kids, ER visits and cleaning. We had a wedding to attend yesterday and today the inlaws came for a visit. So, yes I'm five days late in announcing that Moving Atlantis is now available at Samhain publishing.

Now, I'm the first person to admit that I suck at promoting. I dislike dropping excerpts at 100 different yahoo groups because I feel it's not fair to do that if you don't participate in conversations on those groups. If I could keep up with all those conversations I'd been glued to the computer 24/7 and would never get any actual writing done...not to mention my kids would starve.

On the other hand, if I don't get my butt in gear and start promoting myself, I'll have to start looking for a job when the youngest heads to school. *eep*

Monday, November 20, 2006


Has anyone seen the movie "Accepted"? I've watched it about 20 times this week (yeah yeah..should be writing...) and I can't get enough of it. Justin Long is so funny. We've also rented Divinci Code but I haven't watched it yet. Anyone else seen any good movies lately? Lately my movie selections have consisted of Barbie, Shrek and Cars.

Nano well maybe we shouldn't talk about that. It'll only depress me. Things started slow, got really good then went Pttthhhht! On the other hand, Raewyn's story is much better this time around and Seth is a stronger character I think. Now if I could just stop writing out scenes for this OTHER story that won't leave me alone, I could get back to my nano.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Double Whammy

Another awesome survivor episode...things are getting good after a half dozen episodes that almost put me to sleep. Aitu rocks. I was so worried aftert they won the reward challenge that they would get all cocky then lose immunity, but nope. They had a great time at their reward and came back even more a family. then they whipped Raro's butt in immunity. I am not ashamed to admit that I cackled with evil glee when they won.

Jonathan's still hanging around, providing fish seems to be saving him from the vote though it could also be that he's now not much of a threat. Even if all the Aitu members are on the jury, he's going to have a hard time winning. Basically, he's a free vote that they are holding on to.

Jeff always says there may never be a merge...and wouldn't that be something? This has been a good season for twists, no merge would be a biggie.

I gotta say when Parvati read the note from the bottle, I laughed so hard. Mwahahahaha! 2 voted off! If only someone had decided to pick off candice or Adam cause I really don't want to watch two sweaty, dirty people making out. *gag* didn't we get enough of that crap with Rob and Amber? And didn't anyone learn anything from that season? You do NOT let a couple form them out and let them play back at the hotel so nobody at home has to watch.

Anyway, I'm back in the Yay survivor mode. For the last few weeks I've been more excited about watching Shark and CSI (all three) than watching survivor...which is saying something since for 3 years Surivor has been the only show I actually got excited to watch. Shark is amazing. If you haven't seen it, you should definately check it out.

Off to get some writing done...hopefully.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Caffine please!

After writing SFA for three days, I'm feeling decidedly depressed. Nano is slipping away from me yet again this year. The same thing happened to me last year. I ended up getting antsy to finish other projects and but felt like I had to do nano...thereby getting nothing done on anything. I do have way too many projects on the go (again) The sequel to Dragon's Birth, and a second short for WCP should be topping the list. Instead, I'm surfing the net for pictures, daydreaming and thinking about baking cookies. *sigh* I should duct tape my butt to the chair, but then what would I do when the kids wanted snacks or the dogs needed to go out?

Back to staring at the screen...

Friday, November 10, 2006


Yeah! Thats what survivor is all about. So let's break it down...Candace decided to mutiny when she was part of a very strong 5 person alliance that could have gotten her to the end...she's strong and would have done well in individual immunity so she had a good chance to why did she switch over? Cause she's got the hots for Adam. Wow. the guy must have something beyond a nice body. Now Jonathan...well he switched because he believes the 4 person white alliance is still a go. Not likely. The funny thing is, everyone was terrified that at a merge, the white people would have the numbers and would be unbeatable. Then all of a sudden they were concerned that Brad would switch over and join Yul and Becky at a merge? What about Jenny? Does nobody worry about her switching over?

I can see the fact that Jonathan is basically done so why vote him off right away. It makes sense because Aitu isn't happy with him (Or Candace for that matter) so he can't go back to them at a merge. The problem is, Jonathan is one of those players who is good at manipulating people. They've just given him time to shmooze his way in, to stir things up. He knows he's on the chopping block so he has nothing to loose. If I was Jonathan, I'd be stirring every pot I could and if he's smart enough, he could totally mess up that tribe.

Anyway, what's important to remember is that AITU KICKED ASS! Holy cow! There's nothing like being turned on to cement your alliance and make you work extra hard. way to go.

Back to writing. Nano word count is 15205.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

a milestone....even if it is a small one

Last year I only made it to 13,300 words on Nano. I've passed that today so at least I'm doing better than last year. I can't remember how long I went until I stopped my nano project and started polishing Dragon's Birth for submission. It doesn't matter I guess.

Current word count is14676.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Beginnings is available for pre-order at Amazon!

Ok, so my name isn't listed in the author search part, they only put 3 out of the 6 authors in the book, but the important part to remember is that I have a book coming out in PRINT!

Now I'll be dancing around all night and won't get any writing done...oh well, I'm on top of my nano goals so it's all good. I need a celebratory beer!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thank you Treehouse!

I've been behind on my nano word count and then bang! Tonight Treehouse played back to back episodes of my kids favorite show. they havent' moved or bugged for food. It's like the TV people were taking pity on me or something!

Thank you Toopy and Binoo.

Nano count up to this point.... 8027 - aiming for 10K by tonight

Friday, November 03, 2006

Survivor episode 7

survivor was actually pretty good last night. There was some good tension and some last minute scrambling that didnt work but still...there was scrambling.

First off, Nate being in the other camp - usually that means the merge is coming real soon. If they give you a reason to find out more about the other tribe it's so you can use it to your advantage. They didn't really show Nate learning anything important except that Flicka was on the outside...but since she got voted out it's sort of a moot point. At the reward challenge, Brad chose to do the puzzle. Bad move? In hind sight, yes, but if you think back that tribe has always done well in the physical aspects than screwed the whole thing up on the puzzle part. Then again that was when they had 4 big strong guys, With Nate on the other tribe and JP voted out, that left Adam to do all the hard work....still, it was a strategy that could have worked if Nate hadn't been on the other tribe. I also get the feeling Brad doesn't like his tribe. I bet he's really looking for a merge but I don't know if it'll do him any good. The other tribe is pretty tight (that alliance SOOOOO bugs me. does nobody else see that Becky and Jonathan are shifty looking? And Candace is a good competator, almost as strong as Ozzy in a lot of ways...If they get rid of Ozzy she'll be tough to beat I think.)

Immunity Challenge - Nice butt shot on nate there huh? I bet that's something he'll be proud to see on TV...mind you others were flashing their boobs so no biggie right?

I was really sorry to see Flicka go. Voting someone off because they are annoying is so stupid in this game. They all agree she's nice and not much for alliances etc...she was no threat (well, maybe a bit of a physical threat) You'd think that at this point, good strategy would be to get rid of the people that are a physical and/or strategic threat. Jonathan would have been a better choice I think. In this game if you latch onto a good strategic player, you can go all the way to the end, but the problem do you know you are the ONE he really intends to take? You don't. People like that have made promises to everyone and only he/she knows who they really feel loyal too...then they might decide you're more of a liability and turn on you. The very blatent strategic players are WAY more dangerous than the physically tough ones. Look at Terry in last season, he never lost a challenge but he still didn't win.

Anyway, things are starting to get interesting...finally.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween, Nano and other bits

first of all, Halloween was great. We actually had a fairly mild night (with no freezing rain for a change!) so the kids didn't have to wear snow suits under their costumes. I took the kids around the neighborhood while DH handed out loot at home. Last year we had kids hitting us before it was even dark. I hadn't had anything set up and was trying to get our kids dressed...this year I got everything ready nice and early and *tumbleweeds* nothing. It was like our street was a no-trick-or-treating-zone. Last year we almost had to hand out cans of tuna and OXO cubes this year we had so much left over we could have not bothered going out with the kids. Of the kids we did have come to the door, a lot were teenagers and one, dressed as a hippie, was actually smoking a cigarette. there comes a point where you have to accept that you're too old to dress up for halloween.

Nano...*sigh* yeah, that's not going so well. I managed to write about 1000 words yesterday, not even close to the recommended 2500/day they suggest for the first week. Oh well, today is a new day right? I did write some by hand last night at the skating rink so I'll put that in this morning and carry on.

survivor is on tonight and I can barely make myself care. Is it just me or is this season insanely boring? It started out well, the whole race issue promised lots of controversy etc, but so far, nothing. I think they are eating too much. The whole point of survivor is to starve and be bitchy..that's what makes good TV. I'm more looking forward to CSI tonight.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Moose Man is Loose!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Traditionally Halloween hasn't been a good day for me, but I'm hoping that this year things will be different. Last Prophecy releases today at Samhain (It's up and available now squee!) and I'm really excited. When I submitted the proposal for this story, I thought no way in hell it would be chosen...and then when the edits were finished and it was making the review rounds I thought, well it's gonna get bad's a moose-shifter after all. To my surprise it's gotten great reviews. I guess being a little off-beat is a good thing.

I'll be holding a contest soon. Getting the kiddies ready for trick or treating has taken up all my time (not to mention trying to deal with computer issues *sigh* )

Oh! And NANO starts tonight at MIDNIGHT! Ack! I feel about as unprepared as it's possible to get. *sigh*

If anyone is interested in following the progress of a bunch of us crazy nanoers, go to the messageboards at Enchanged Ramblings and you can follow our journey...and listen to us bitch....

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

So it's my favorite holiday of the year and I'm totally geared up for lots of turkey, stuffing and punkin pie! I'll be gone for the weekend and when I get back I might be waddling a bit *grin*

While I'm gone I'll be working on stuff, hopefully. I always say that then never get the chance to actually do anything. Hope everyone else has a great weekend.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Poor boobies

Ok, so judging by last weeks previews for survivor, it looked like Cai Boi pulled down a nest of baby birds and they had to talk him out of frying them up. Instead it was a big sob fest with big bad Jonathan nearly in tears. I gotta say I'm relieved. Most kids learn by about age 12 not to bug a bird in it's nest...

It was soooo good to see the Raro tribe get their egos brought back down to earth, especially the men. I thought it was funny that they were all like "we're Gods out here" after winning one challenge. Um...ONE challenge. hello! Maybe if they'd won a bunch in a row they could get nicely inflated heads, but one? Nice to see them humbled.

I am so happy that the women of Raro stood together, and were smart enough to pull in Brad as a back up. I wonder who told Adam? Also makes you wonder why Parvati didn't tell Nate, since they are so close.

I loved how pouty Ozzy was after last weeks tribal LOL. Not so cocky when things aren't going your way huh? As annoyed as I was with him, you gotta give the boy credit - he's good. He saved his tribes ass on that challenge, and Cai Boi with his fire dance thing? oh man! I was so waiting for him to basically screw it up, for his zen mystical stuff to fail and for him to get voted out (not that I want him gone, I just though it was sure to happen.) But wow! And that nobody in his tribe was yelling "WTF are you doing?" was totally cool. (or maybe they were and it got edited out) If he doesn't make it to final four, that bit will be in his memorial video thing for sure.

Anyway, all in all a good episode.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

And skating season has begun!

And that means writing lots of hot nookie while surrounded by unknowing mothers watching their little darlings twirl. Ok, so tonight I didn't write any nookie, I stuck to a clean bit. It WAS the first night though, so give me time to get brave again.

It's also less than an hour till survivor! Yay! Thank goodness I got some writing done at the rink tonight, cause it'll be an hour of yelling at the tv followed by a few hours of ranting to the hubby.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Celebrity sighting

Ok, so maybe celebrity isn't the right word, but today, when we stopped at a corner store to get the kids a drink, I saw Kevin Callan. A few years ago I had the opportunity to take a photography course he was teaching and it was so much fun. I've been a huge fan of his wilderness guidebooks for a long time, and every spring I haul them all out and read all his adventures, even though I mostly have them memorized now.

It's made me want to brave the cold, rainy weather and go camping right now. *grin*

Friday, September 29, 2006

Survivor is back!

Yay! I meant to post comments about the new season of survivor earlier, but got distracted. I get so excited when a new season starts up and usually spend a few days dancing around singing "Survivor's on tonight" which really annoys my kids.

So what do I think about the race division thing? *shrug* People can complain all they want but the fact is, survivor is all about learning to get along with others, regardless of ethnicity, to survive, and isn't that what life is all about on the grander scale? The world is shrinking and you can either accept that or hide. Personally, I think hiding is boring...sooner or later you run out of chocolate.

After the first episode I thought Ozzy rocked...then after episode 2 I started to think he's one of those guys that seems to increase his self esteem by making others feel bad about themselves. The whole Billy thing made me crazy. Billy was so Rah Rah team until Ozzy started shooting down all his ideas. Ok, so maybe Ozzy has more experience in outdoor stuff, it's not the point. I really think that if that team had been more of a team, Billy wouldn't have ended up feeling left out, and would have been more involved around camp. And to say "I'm not going to carry someone" well holy CRAP! I think those survivors are eating better than I do! Who cares if you have to catch one more fish! It's not like you're hurting for food or anything! Bloody hell! Starting off by alienating someone is a dumb move and now I want to see Ozzy gone so bad it's become my manta "Send Ozzy Home! Send Ozzy Home!" The rest of the tribe should have kicked his ass for suggesting he throw the challenge. STUPID! And really, what good did it do them when the tribes got switched up the next day anyway? All you've done is eliminated one person of your original tribe who could have sided with you when you got the switch up. People are so stupid. Even if the switch up hadn't occured the next day, you knew it was coming soon.

So far there isn't anyone I can say I really like. Jonathan is too cocky...knowing what's best for Jessica so she doesn't have to think (WTF was up with that?) Yul seems like a solid player, strong, smart and socially adept. Most of the girls are just faces to me other than Jessica and Parvati. Now, I was prepared to like Parvati because of the name (YAY Harry Potter!) but ugg! Can you be a little less obvious with your pathetic flirting attempts? Sheesh! Why not just rip off your clothes and parade around in the buff (haha pun not intended) She's going to tick the other women off big time with that.

On a related topic, I'm so glad they brought back the Survivor Strikes Back Blog. I love this almost as much as the show itself...Brian's posts always make me laugh.

Anyway, I'm baking cookies and stuff even though I should be working on dragons. *sigh*

Monday, September 25, 2006

Baby's first fan-fic

Ok, so she's not really a baby anymore, she's five, but still, I thought it was cute that she wrote her first piece of fan fiction last night - a tale of Diago, animal rescuer...where Diago and click the camera saved a baby fox and a baby bull. Thought it was pretty funny. Maybe it's a sign that she'll follow in my footsteps....hmmm.....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Moving Atlantis Cover is Here!

Yipee! I just got approval to show off this awesme cover for Moving Atlantis. It's exactly what I'd pictured, only even more pretty. YAY to Anne Cain for the amazing job she did!

Now if only I can figure out how to put pics in the side bar....

I thought bad things came in threes...

Do you ever feel like you're under some kind of curse? You're going along, enjoying life then BAM! all of a sudden everything breaks down, and Murphy's having a hay day at your expense? Welcome to the past few weeks of my life. Between cars breaking down, roof leaking, files disappearing, computers breaking and, worst of all, a death in the family, I'm starting to think I must have done something really bad on the karma scale.

So I've thought about it. Nothing particular comes to mind. The fact is, these things just come in cycles and it's best to grit your teeth and wait until you pop out on the other side. A few years back my family went through a really bad period of about 2 years where cars broke down every other day, bills got lost and collection agencies called, people were sick and for a while I was afraid to answer the phone because it seemed everytime I did, someone had died. Then, gradually we got through it.

Now I'm off to work on the first sex scene in the Dragon's Birth sequel...while gritting my teeth and hoping that this time, things settle down sooner rather than later.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Upcoming releases and news

I'm hard at work on the sequel to Dragon's Birth. Originally I'd thought I'd call it Dragon's Return, but the name started to bug me. At this point, the title is The Forgotten Heir. This book will be Vander's story. I hadn't planned to write a story for him, but during edits, it was pointed out to me that one point in Dragon's Birth hints that Vander was of very humble birth, and in another spot it suggests he's very highborn. It was a goof, but when I looked at it, the idea popped into my head and I knew I had to tell his story.

Van's been a pain in the butt (which seems to be a big part of his character anyway) but this book has been SLOOOOOW going. I've scrapped dozens of pages, started from scratch 3 times and only by forcing myself to continue on this version have I made it past chapter 3. I'm hoping to have The Forgotten Heir done by the end of October, just in time for my next release.....

The coming soon pages have been updated at Samhain. I'm so excited to be able to announce that The Last Prophecy will be released on October 31 in ebook format and print as part of the Beginnings anthology . There's a great bunch of authors in this collection and I'm thrilled to be among them.

Then, a few weeks later, Moving Atlantis will be released from Samhain (November 21)

Should be an exciting few weeks for me *grin*

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just a little change of scene

When somethings not working on a story, we blame our muse. Lately I think my muse has decided to make himself a permanant fixture at the local nudey bar.

Ok, so the truth is there are more solid (non-mythical) reasons for flow blockage. (ewww that didn't come out right) Most of the time it's because I've plunged into the story without doing enough preperation on the characters background. So when they do something or say something that doesn't fit with some subconscious notion i have of them, it stalls me.

The other reason that I get blocked is because my writing area is a full on disaster zone. Coffee mugs, note books, a card reader for my digital camera, a bottle of school glue, nail clippers, coupons for the bookstore, a game boy, some toys, a mess of cables...and that's actually clean for me. Sometimes I'm afraid the piles of papers will topple over and the avalanche will knock the laptop to the floor. When things get that bad I have two options....clean *gag* or take the laptop somewhere else.

Normally that means sitting in bed, or on the couch, but last night I took a walk to the library and wow. It's amazing what a quiet space can do for you. No kids asking for snacks, no dogs barking to be let out, no pile of dishes giving you dirty looks (haha, pun not intended) but more than that, it was almost as if I had to write, simply because the opportunity to do so in peace is so rare.

It made me realize that when I took the laptop to the arena and wrote while my daughter had her skating lessons, I actually got a lot done. None of the parents bothered me (though they may have thought I was a bit weird.) Writing naughty bits while surrounded by unsuspecting mothers watching their daughters twirl and jump is a bit strange at first, but I got used to it.

Now if only there was a nice little coffee shop somewhere that i could go to....

Friday, September 08, 2006

Cover for Moose Man!

I just got approval to put up the cover for Last Prophecy (other wise known as Moose Man) This is the individual ebook cover. For the anthology print edition there won't be people on it, just the names of us lucky authors.


I also have the cover for Moving Atlantis, but I'm waiting on final approval. I'll post it when I get it up.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Nano is coming up fast

Hard to believe it's been almost a year since I last felt the anxiety inspired by NANO. For the past 2 years I've participated in National Novel Writing Month and I've yet to manage to meet the 50,000 word goal. Sad, I know. I'd like to think I've become more disciplined since last November, I mean, I've sold 4 books since then, so surely I can manage to succeed this year. On the other hand, I've gotten very good at procrastination as well. When the words just aren't flowing, do I sit and fight with determination? No, I go watch a movie or read a book. I've managed to read a lot of books this year, way more than my entire 2005 total and it's only September.

So this year I'm going to start early. I'm going to have a story idea ready before hand so that I'm not stuck 15K in with absolutely no clue what happens next.

The only catch is that, with the release of Moving Atlantis scheduled for late November, I'll be doing edits for part of the month so I'll really have to buckle down and work if I'm going to succeed.

I'd really like to see NANO being used in English classes in our local schools. I thought this last year, but didn't know how to go about suggesting it. I still don't have any idea how to do that, but it's my goal to one day, see it happen.

Something to think about while procrastinating this month...hehehe.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

what a weird month!

August has been cool this year and I've been hiding in the house wishing I was out camping. I managed to finish and send in "the Final Prophecy" and I just finished the first round of edits on that. It'll be exciting to have a print release this winter!

I spent a lot of the month watching high school movies. Yeah, weird I know. I feel a little odd about it, but after some serious thought I realized there were good reasons for it (beyond cute guys that is...which would make me a pervert right?) Reason #1 is that high school sucked hard core for me. I think I like watching other people have a grand adventure in thier own high school time. I suppose it's like reading a romance novel even though you're married. How many of us wish we'd met our own husbands through some vastly romantic adventure? and 2) our high school was boring. We didn't get out to watch sports, didn't have the kind of cliques you see in movies. It sort of makes me wonder if those things actually happen.

Anyway LOL now that I've blabbed about liking teeny-bopper movies, I'll get back to writing. School starts up in a few days so I'll be down to one kiddie in the house. Hopefully I'll get more done then than I have this summer.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Writing Update

Whew! It's been a slow month for writing for me. Between camping and fixing up ournew trailer we've been busy.

So what am I working on? Moose man first of all. it's due by August 15th, though I'm hoping to have it done by the weekend. Then I have to work on the next dragon Wing book. I should have had it done ages ago.

Also I have to polish up a submission - courting damnation - and send it in.

Between camping trips that is.....

Friday, July 21, 2006

Camping again

Well I got one step closer to being one of those wilderness chicks that I so admire. On Wednesday night we dropped the kids and dogs with my parents and went camping. Unfortunately, due to car troubles we didn't get to the put in until 8PM giving us only an hour to unload, canoe around the lake and find a campsite, then set up, before it got dark.

We managed, barely. We arrived at the put in to Big East Lake only to find the parkinglot full....and since I knew there weren't many campsites, and all of which were at least 1/2 hour paddle away, we decided to try the smaller lake across the highway...Bentshoe. At the end of the lake we found a great campsite (or it would have been if previous occupants hadn't left garbage and about 4 cases of empty beer bottles.) Our dinner was cooked in pitch black (thought thank goodness we remembered that we'd forgot to pack a flashlight and bought a new one on the way there!) Steak for Chris, pork chop for me and beans. Yum. Then we went out to this little rocky spit and layed down to look at the stars. (after rescuing our sleeping bag from the lake since it had sort of rolled away once it got set down.)

Ok, so I admit I was awake half the night listening for the sound of a bear lumbering through the underbrush. Lucky for me the night was full of the sound of bullfrogs and loons (though I gotta say, it did sound like about a dozen loons were being attacked on Big East)

I got up early and decided to brave the bathroom...(a wooden box with a hole cut in the top.....) then took the camera out and got some pictures while Chris was still asleep. We ate our breakfast on the rock where we'd watched the stars the night before then packed up.

Was it the backwoods experience I was hoping for? Not really. The garbage left on the site, the herds of girl guides (or whatever) tromping through the nearby portage into Poker Lake (did you know that aluminum canoes bouncing off rocks sounds a lot like the tail gate of a dumptruck slamming shut?), and the highway sounds sort of took away from that, but it was still a blast. Next time we'll get there earlier and portage into the other lakes where hopefully it will be less noisy.

Now...back to work I go! Much writing to do!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

yikes! A month since my last post?

Holy crap!

Sorry about that. I was having issues.....wrist issues, computer issues and mental issues....I was exhausted basically.

This past weekend we went camping with some friends at Emily Provincial Park. It was the annual Bolerama - a gathering of campers with those cool boler trailers. Our friends have a Boler and we're looking for one but they are super hard to find. When you do find one for sale they are sold within minutes.

The weather was great. The kids had a blast and haven't stopped asking when we're going camping again. If it was up to me I'd be camping every day of the summer but I know that's not realistic. In my head I'm a rustic, wilderness chick who can handle lugging gear across swampy portages. In my head I can face down bears, cook gourmet meals on a firepit and handle the lack of a toilet.

In reality, I'm terrified of bears. If I saw one I'd pee my pants and the bear would probably think that killing me would be the most humane thing it could do. I also know that peeing in the woods isn't my greatest skill, and though I can cook on a fire, it's mostly hotdogs on a long stick. I have piles of books on camping, canoe routes and wilderness cooking - and I have them pretty much memorized. One day I'll get out there and prove my ruggedness, but for now I'll stick with campgrounds where the most wildlife you see is a skunk or raccoon and where the tents are closer together than houses in the city. It's sad, I know.

If anyone is looking for books on wilderness canoe trips in Ontario, I'd highly recommend Kevin Callan's Paddler's guide series. I have them all and pull them out every spring and dream. I took a photography workshop with Kevin (mostly because I have his books and wanted to meet him) and he's a great guy. All the canoe route descriptions are detailed and full of humorous stories of his own times traveling on them.

Here's a list of his books
Cottage country Canoe Routes
Up the Creek - Paddler's guide to Ontario
Further of the Creek - Paddler's guide to the Rivers of Ontario and Quebec
Brook Trout and Blackflies - Paddler's Guide to Algonquin Park
The Happy Camper - Essential Guide to Life Outdoors
Ontario's Lost Canoe Routes
Gone Canoeing - Weekend Wilderness Adventures in Southern Ontario
A Paddler's Guide to Killarney and French River

There's another one coming out in August as well...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Waearing out the seat of my pants

Some days it's a huge struggle to get words on paper. I can remember when I first came back to writing after a few years of college and other activiites and got the advice "Put the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair and don't get up until you've written something."

Good advice...if you aren't a stay at home mum with young kids who want something every 2 seconds. I need a drink. I'm hungry. I have to go to the bathroom. Can we do a craft? Can you put on a movie? Not to mention the fights and diaper changes. I swear the instant I put the seat of my pants to the seat of my chair, I have to jump right back up again.

On the other hand I only have....2 and a half years? until the littlest one is in school part time. Now if I could just send the dogs off somewhere so they will leave me alone too...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A contest, a party and some other stuff


As you may know, I am Canadian, and so is my friend Aline. To celebrate Canada Day (July 1st for those who don't know) we're having a contest. the prize is a basket of Canadian goodies and in order to enter, you must find 2 flags on each of the following websites:

The flags on the contest pages don't count.

Then when you've found them (six flags) email one of us and tell us which pages you found them on. The deadline is July 1st.

On June 15th I'll be at a party on Bianca D'arc's yahoo loop. Lots of authors will be posting excerpts and I'm sure there will be prizes and stuff too. If you'd like to come and find some great new books to read, here is the link to join her group:


Hmm let's friend Piper has a release this weekend from Silk's vault... Blood Bonds. Aline has a release at Silk's Vault on the 23rd...Toss of a Coin.....what else is going on? Oh! Don't forget the deadline for issue 5 of Enchanted Ramblings is fast approaching. If you have a detective/police/mystery story you'd like to submit, the deadline is June 15th. Email submissions to

Not sure if there is anything else worth mentioning. I've been procrastinating and started making a new quilt for my bed. Chris isn't too keen on the fact that there is a tiny bit of pink in it...but oh well. It's cheery and more summery. Now the kids want me to make them new quilts as well. *sigh*

Have a good writing day everyone!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Freezing my butt off

It's hard to believe it's the end of may. April was so beautiful and May has been cold, rainy and-oh, did I mention it snowed the other day? I am so glad I wasn't camping on the may 2-4 this year!

I finished Courting Damnation's just under 20K. I actually managed to get it done before the deadline too.

Time to get moving on Mad Maddy now...and update my website, finish the articles for enchanted Ramblings....Lots I could be doing and here I am watching the Stanley Cup playoffs. Go Oilers!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

moose and beaver...quite a combination

If there are a ton of typos in this, I'll appologize ahead of time. I just got a manicure from my 5 year old daughter, who is now trying to paint my toe nails....somehow she's getting it between my toes and it's tickly.

I've had a great writing week..which is why I haven't updated my blog in a while. I've been working on a short story that is part of an anthology with the theme "beaver tales" yep....I know. it's a little odd, and I'm sure you're thinking it's a little rude too but each of the stories is about a beaver-shifter and I'm pretty sure everyone's shifter is a male.

The idea came to us because there is hardly every any books that celebrate canada day...a holiday that inevitably gets overshadowed by the American holiday which follows 3 days after. So, we thought...what's more Canadian than a beaver? And so Beaver Tales was born.

My story is almost finished...and Aline has her first draft we wait for the others to catch up and hunt for a home for it.

Cheers to all!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Moose man is a hit

I'm completely in shock right now. Samhain has accepted my proposal for The Last Prophecy of Mad Maddy MacElewain. The story itself is pretty cool....a young woman with a gift for healing (which she refuses to admit to) is being stalked. Her sister, who has visions, foresaw it and also forsaw that Lottie's only hope was a who knows me knows I love all things moose. So the hero in this story is a moose shifter in newfoundland, where Lottie runs to hide from the madman.

I'm happy that they liked the story...honestly...I'm just shocked that I didn't get an email telling me I should maybe up the dosage on my meds...(not that I'm on meds..)

Friday, May 05, 2006

Survivor Rant

*sigh* I know this is so totally not about writing but I had to get it off my chest...

Why does every survivor fan have a huge hard on for Terry? Geesh, the guy is strong, yes we know that....who give a crap? He's so not a likable person and yet everyone is saying he's playing an amazing game...hello! he's done basically no stratagizing what so ever (unless you count is pissant attempts right after merge) He has the immunity idol so he's not even trying to make friends. He knows everyone on Casaya is going to have to turn on each other at some point but you'd think he'd make some effort to be nice so that if he makes it to final 2 those who were pissed will see him in a better light. Right now it's going to come down to a cocky, smug prick and someone who played you... Hmmm let's see...who would you take, the devil you know or the devil you don't know? Why does he not see that?

And the reward challenge! OMG! Why does everyone agree with him that a mother doesn't compare to a wife? Yes maybe those who are married would rather see their wife/husband than their mother...but when you're a young guy who has no spouse and you are that close to your DARE Terry belittle that and say it's only his mother? How freaking stupid do you have to be? He should have kept his mouth shut about why he chose because he pissed off Aras big time with that. Can the guy possible do anything more to piss off the people who may have to chose if he's worthy for a million bucks?

Just once, I'd like to see the guy do something intellegent in the game...and I'm not talking about puzzle challenges...I'm talking about the game-as in dealing with people. So far they've shown him do nothing that would make me say..well...Terry's a nice guy...I wouldn't mind him winning...he comes off as a complete stuck up, arrogant ass...and not just because of the fact that he's winning challenges. It shows a high level of arrogance that he's not attempting to be friendly. He just sits back looking smug...

Maybe I just don't like smugness. *sigh*

I hope he doesn't win. I know I'm probably the only one who feels that way but whatever. I think those people who think Terry is the best player to ever play survivor forgot the "outwit" part....

Ok...rant over...back to writing...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Some good news!

Yay! Samhain accepted Moving Atlantis today!

I'm very excited that I can't think of anything to say...

I could talk about pick in the eharlequin survivor pool got the boot tonight so i won't be winning that one. Oh well...other than that it's been an awesome night!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Something Wicked

Yesterday I finished reading Something Wicked by Evelyn Vaughn - a silhouette bombshell. It rocked! Great story, great plot etc but what I found wonderful was the descriptions of the locations because the author has been to them all. It was wonderful. The other thing I loved was the magic. yes some of the spell casting was exagerated but the essence of wicca was very accurate.

I should give a blurb for it huh?

Kate Trillo is a non-practicing witch. But when she walks in on a man killing her sister, she casts a curse on him, and inadvertantly herself as well. The problem is that she cursed the wrong man, the killer's identical twin brother. Now she has to fulfill her destiny and find the Hekate grail if she wants to lift the curse.

A really awesome book.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Enchanted Rambllings cookbook author promotion info

Here is the information for the next ER promotion cookbook. The first one was super popular and is still downloading at a pretty good clip so for all you authors looking for a free way to reach readers, check this out....



We had so much success with our first promotional
cookbook that we’re going to do another one.

The theme for this cookbook will be a holiday that is
close to all of our hearts


How does food fit into your holiday weekend? Do you
have a huge family picnic or a quiet picnic for two?
Share your favorite outdoorsy recipe with your readers
as well as information about your newest release(s)

Pull out your favorite memories and stories and tell
us what you do to celebrate on the 1st or 4th.

A form will be available on the enchanted ramblings
mailing list, which you can then attach to an email.

To get the form, and to find out about our other
promotional opportunities, you can join our mailing

entries should be emailed to

to keep the finished download from getting too big, we
ask you not to submit more than 3 entries. Each entry
must be a different recipe and a different book and we
ask that the books be released between April 1st and
June 30th.

Deadline for entries is: June 1st.

The cookbook will be available for download at
Enchanted Ramblings on June 15th.
You are welcome to link to it from your site.

Dreary days should be good writing days

but they aren't. I'm sitting here staring out the window while my kids go bonkers from bordom.

I'm closing in on the end of my proposal for the Samhain anthology and on an article for Suite but alas, my shape shifter novella is lagging.

With summer coming, my thoughts turn to camping and being outside, which is why I'm anxious to get back to my hape shifter story since it takes place in Algonquin Park. Can't wait to get out in the canoe...

off to dream of a wilderness escape...wait...there's no laptop! eek! writing with a pen and paper!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Can April get any more crazy?

Yikes! I can't believe April is almost over and I have sooooo much stuff to do still! The weather has been just spectacular and I haven't wanted to sit inside at the computer.

I really should be working.

Ok, I know I don't get too much traffic on this blog, but I have a question. Readers- if you join a yahoo loop, what kinds of things do you like and what do you dislike? What would you like to see?

Back to work....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, April 17, 2006

Congrats to Kim and Merris!

Two of my friends have new releases and I just wanted to be sure to blog about it.

Merris Hawk's Truth or Dare came out on April 8th from Silk's Vault

Kim Rees' The Billionaire's Seduction came out today from Triskelion

there...see I can remember to do stuff. Eventually.

Still waiting on word on Atlantis....

I'm working on a proposal for a short story which I'm calling 7 days to alternate history with Richard the Lionheart as a secondary character. I only hope it doesn't get crazy long and out of control because there is a very definate limit on word length.

Oh, and in non-writing news...we got two baby guinea pigs. Potter and Weasely are the newest additions to our little family.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Atlantis is finished!!!!

finally! This story was written as part of a group effort where we all took a myth and made a story that sort of sits on the periphery or turns the myth on it's head. I chose Atlantis.

The premise of my story came from watching WAY too many of those documentaries that speculate where Atlantis could be. I thought...hmmmm why not make it all of them? What if Atlantis was a magical island, a faerie island? So that's what this is about. Atlantis is a vault for dangerous artifacts (think ark of the covenant, pandora's box etc) and the faeries of the light court are guarding them. They faked their own destruction (many times) when humans came too close to discovering the island. Of course it ended up becoming a huge party, and things would get way out of control which is why the island was moved to the bermuda triangle (and became the source of all the disappearances there)

But that's all back story *grin*

Hopefully I'll be submitting in on Monday, so I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's gone now but....

I'm so bad. I should have blogged about this when it was still up...but oh well.

Dragon's Birth was #5 on Fictionwise's highest rated recently released ebooks. That put me above 2 of mercedes lackey's books! Crazyness!

In other news, I sold another story...but it's under another name....sorry...gotta prevent family members from having heart attacks. :-P

Monday, April 03, 2006

falling behind on posting again!

yep, I'm really bad at this. So much is going on and I keep forgetting to blog about it all.

So...what's new?

let's see first of all, Dragon's Birth is #5 on fictionwise's highest rated ebooks (added in the last 30 days) above 2 of mercedes Lackey's books.

I've subbed another piece...but it's under a different name so I can't say much without blowing my cover.

Currently I'm working on finishing up Moving Atlantis which is SOOOOOOO almost done, and working on a proposal for a project at samhain.

Hope everyone is having a faboo day!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just when things get going full steam.....

You hit a snag. Computer trouble, which, apparently in my case means there is nothing wrong with the actual computer, it's just bad computer Karma. Actually the computer does seem to be working well....other than the battery indicator now says X instead of showing a little plug...which means that it's not reading a battery at all? So now I'm afraid to write anything on this because if it dies then I won't be able to get my work...I back up the ipod but what if I lose some? LOL Yeah, yeah I should back up more often or just use the ipod as a harddrive for this WIP until I get the computer fixed right?

In other news, Dragon's Birth is now on Fictionwise (very cool) and I'm nearly finished with a short story that I want to submit to Ellora's Cave Cavemen series. I had intended it to be a very short story for the zine but...well...things got out of hand. I do have another idea for a short story for ER, so when this is done I'll start that one then get back to Atlantis which is almost done as well...then FINALLY I can get givener (it's a real Haliburton anyway) on Dragon's Return. Hopefully I'll get the first 3 finished this month.

Hope Everyone else is enjoying the sunshine we have here!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Amazon? Me?

Wow, can you believe little old me will be on Dragon's birth is listed, but as yet it says unreleased and has no cover...but soon my sorry about that.

Back too writing....

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Ok, so I'm finally getting some more writing done! Whoopie!

Moving Atlantis is coming along swimmingly and I even read through some of the WIP and I don't hate it! How cool is that? Now I'm starting to worry about where to submit it. LOL I can just see Jessica laughing her butt off over it.

In other news....The day after tomorrow is the release of Dragon's Birth. I'm still in denial, and am waiting for the email saying "oops! we made a mistake. We don't really want your story after all."

After today the Olympics will be over and I can watch TV without tearing up every 2 minutes. I don't know why the Olympics make me cry, but they do. I was bawling like a baby when the Men's Curling team won gold. Infact, it inspired me to come up with another potential story....not about curling, but the setting will be Newfoundland and there will be a friendly game of curling in it I think....hehehe...must go write out all the ideas for this before they flitter away.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Ok...this is for Kim...

LOL apparently I'm completely inept at this blogging thing.....and I need to update more often.

So, here goes...I'm freaking out! LOL 3 days to release and I'm worried sick that I'll be the only Samhain author to have 0 sales and then I'll have to send back the advance and spend the rest of my life hiding in shame.

Right now I'm working on getting something else ready to submit. Nerves over the release is making it hard to concentrate though....oh...and the Olympics....way too easy to get sucked into that stuff.

Back to writing....

Friday, February 03, 2006

Closing in on R-day

Only about 25 days to go...and yes I'm nervous and excited. It should be going out to reviewers soon and that flat out terrifies me. I know you shouldn't worry about them...but hey! How can I not?

On a happier girls fifth birthday is coming up. Valentines day. So it's heart EVERYTHING! I'll be awash in a sea of red and pink...I may end up puking...anyone who knows me knows I'm so not a pink person.

Not much else to say...I'm trying to get farther into Vander's story but between doing reviews, newsletters and other stuff like that I'm not making much headway. Hopefully this week will be more productive.

Friday, January 20, 2006

New Yahoo groups, promotion stuff and other assorted bits

I'm sort of at a writerly loss. the short story I was working on is twisting me up in knots...not sure why it's not working for me, but it's driving me bonkers so I'm giving it a rest. While that percolates I'm working on the sequel to Dragon's Birth..which I should have been working on in the first place.

So my montly goal of submitting at least one thing is looking grim.

The Scribes have started a new yahoo group called "Author Box" which we are hoping will be a place for writers to get together and share information, promote work and tantalize readers.

Sigh...Every time I log in to post here I see that entry about the first day of Nano and I cringe. Talk about constant reminders of failure! LOL oh well. The WIP I started for Nano this year is one of the ones waiting for attention and I'll get to turn. When Seth and Lorrick and Vander have stopped bugging me.

Back to Vander now....he's finally calling to me again! YAY!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Dragon's Birth release date

Well the release date for my book has been pushed forward and is now February 28th...and it's official since it's actually on the site! I'm so excited to see my name on a book....just thinking about it makes my heart flutter.

I'm working away on this short story which, if I'm not careful is going to turn into a novella. Not that it matters since the contest I'd intended to enter it in closes today and the story is nowhere near done. Oh well, maybe next year I'll have something ready for that contest.

Tomorrow is my little boy's second birthday. He wants a hockey cake so we drove all over looking for little hockey people to put on it...we found hockey stick candles too though he was determined to get the a winnie the pooh one for babies first birthday. LOL poor little guy.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Christmas, New years and other assorted stuff

Can I just say "THANK GOD CHRISTMAS IS OVER!!!!!"?

Between the colds, the ear infections (christmas day in the fun!) and a kinked up neck, it was just not a good week. The kids had fun (when they weren't puking or crying that is) and I guess that's all that matters right?

Bridie is getting ready for her first skating competition...she has no clue what that even entails, but she's excited. Santa brought her a skating dress (pink velvet *rolls eyes*) and I think that's what she's most excited about. Sully got skates so he's been learning...ok...he wants me to carry him while I skate around, but he does like to glide around while I hold him up....he's getting better....LOL and he wants to play hockey (Groan)

I got my edits done for Dragon's Birth...first round of them anyway...awaiting second round now. Samhain is going from monthly releases to weekly so I might get an earlier release date, but I'm not sure. Work is progressing on my website and I hope to have that up and running soon.

So I finally made a list of all the writing projects I have on the go..and I'm just going to say that I have way too many....but at least now I have a nice list (which I put into a sheet protector and stuck on the wall) and I'm working on an action plan for finishing them. I want to at least finish Moving Atlantis, Dragon's Return and Know Your Enemy this year...and at least 5 short stories. I have well over 20 which is a good thing I means I won't be running out of ideas any time soon.