Monday, January 09, 2006

Christmas, New years and other assorted stuff

Can I just say "THANK GOD CHRISTMAS IS OVER!!!!!"?

Between the colds, the ear infections (christmas day in the fun!) and a kinked up neck, it was just not a good week. The kids had fun (when they weren't puking or crying that is) and I guess that's all that matters right?

Bridie is getting ready for her first skating competition...she has no clue what that even entails, but she's excited. Santa brought her a skating dress (pink velvet *rolls eyes*) and I think that's what she's most excited about. Sully got skates so he's been learning...ok...he wants me to carry him while I skate around, but he does like to glide around while I hold him up....he's getting better....LOL and he wants to play hockey (Groan)

I got my edits done for Dragon's Birth...first round of them anyway...awaiting second round now. Samhain is going from monthly releases to weekly so I might get an earlier release date, but I'm not sure. Work is progressing on my website and I hope to have that up and running soon.

So I finally made a list of all the writing projects I have on the go..and I'm just going to say that I have way too many....but at least now I have a nice list (which I put into a sheet protector and stuck on the wall) and I'm working on an action plan for finishing them. I want to at least finish Moving Atlantis, Dragon's Return and Know Your Enemy this year...and at least 5 short stories. I have well over 20 which is a good thing I means I won't be running out of ideas any time soon.

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