Friday, February 03, 2006

Closing in on R-day

Only about 25 days to go...and yes I'm nervous and excited. It should be going out to reviewers soon and that flat out terrifies me. I know you shouldn't worry about them...but hey! How can I not?

On a happier girls fifth birthday is coming up. Valentines day. So it's heart EVERYTHING! I'll be awash in a sea of red and pink...I may end up puking...anyone who knows me knows I'm so not a pink person.

Not much else to say...I'm trying to get farther into Vander's story but between doing reviews, newsletters and other stuff like that I'm not making much headway. Hopefully this week will be more productive.

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TeeBee said...

How is birthday girl today? :)

... Also, I'm about whenever you want to talk newsletters :)