Sunday, February 26, 2006


Ok, so I'm finally getting some more writing done! Whoopie!

Moving Atlantis is coming along swimmingly and I even read through some of the WIP and I don't hate it! How cool is that? Now I'm starting to worry about where to submit it. LOL I can just see Jessica laughing her butt off over it.

In other news....The day after tomorrow is the release of Dragon's Birth. I'm still in denial, and am waiting for the email saying "oops! we made a mistake. We don't really want your story after all."

After today the Olympics will be over and I can watch TV without tearing up every 2 minutes. I don't know why the Olympics make me cry, but they do. I was bawling like a baby when the Men's Curling team won gold. Infact, it inspired me to come up with another potential story....not about curling, but the setting will be Newfoundland and there will be a friendly game of curling in it I think....hehehe...must go write out all the ideas for this before they flitter away.


TeeBee said...

Just wanted to let you know that it's the 28th here, now... ;-)


Nicole Reising said...

I do believe that if I ever get published I shall be just like you - holding my breath until it has actually made it to print, sure their going to email me and say it was all a mistake. :-)

I had to laugh when you talked about your idea for another story - the curling part. For some reason that is exactly where my brain had headed too. :-) Wondering, what in the world inspired her to write about that!?!? Not to say its bad or anything, I was just extremely curious. :-) But now... I understand. :-) Have fun writing!


Jennie OTN said...

Nicole - The cool thing about newfoundland is that it allows me to use my favorite animal - the moose. Newfoundland has a HUGE moose population. It's why I'd love to move out there...oh and the scenery of course! All the fjordy type places just make my skin itch to be out there. Harsh winters though *shudder*

And for curling? I'd always thought it a pretty silly game...most of the ones I'd seen went like this...A throws a rock...B hits it out...but when you watch a team that likes to lay lots of rocks it's almost as intense as watching hockey...except you don't get eyestrain trying to follow the puck...and you know who's making what moves. You should hear my hockey commentary..."One guy got the puck and shot it and then another guy got it and did some fancy little thing and then got it in the net...."

I think I better stick to prospects as a sports announcer are ...well....obviously I'd never make it.