Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just when things get going full steam.....

You hit a snag. Computer trouble, which, apparently in my case means there is nothing wrong with the actual computer, it's just bad computer Karma. Actually the computer does seem to be working well....other than the battery indicator now says X instead of showing a little plug...which means that it's not reading a battery at all? So now I'm afraid to write anything on this because if it dies then I won't be able to get my work...I back up the ipod but what if I lose some? LOL Yeah, yeah I should back up more often or just use the ipod as a harddrive for this WIP until I get the computer fixed right?

In other news, Dragon's Birth is now on Fictionwise (very cool) and I'm nearly finished with a short story that I want to submit to Ellora's Cave Cavemen series. I had intended it to be a very short story for the zine but...well...things got out of hand. I do have another idea for a short story for ER, so when this is done I'll start that one then get back to Atlantis which is almost done as well...then FINALLY I can get givener (it's a real word....in Haliburton anyway) on Dragon's Return. Hopefully I'll get the first 3 finished this month.

Hope Everyone else is enjoying the sunshine we have here!

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Kim Rees / Kim Knox said...

Remember to breathe, Jen LOL