Saturday, April 08, 2006

Atlantis is finished!!!!

finally! This story was written as part of a group effort where we all took a myth and made a story that sort of sits on the periphery or turns the myth on it's head. I chose Atlantis.

The premise of my story came from watching WAY too many of those documentaries that speculate where Atlantis could be. I thought...hmmmm why not make it all of them? What if Atlantis was a magical island, a faerie island? So that's what this is about. Atlantis is a vault for dangerous artifacts (think ark of the covenant, pandora's box etc) and the faeries of the light court are guarding them. They faked their own destruction (many times) when humans came too close to discovering the island. Of course it ended up becoming a huge party, and things would get way out of control which is why the island was moved to the bermuda triangle (and became the source of all the disappearances there)

But that's all back story *grin*

Hopefully I'll be submitting in on Monday, so I'll keep you posted.

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