Saturday, April 22, 2006

Enchanted Rambllings cookbook author promotion info

Here is the information for the next ER promotion cookbook. The first one was super popular and is still downloading at a pretty good clip so for all you authors looking for a free way to reach readers, check this out....



We had so much success with our first promotional
cookbook that we’re going to do another one.

The theme for this cookbook will be a holiday that is
close to all of our hearts


How does food fit into your holiday weekend? Do you
have a huge family picnic or a quiet picnic for two?
Share your favorite outdoorsy recipe with your readers
as well as information about your newest release(s)

Pull out your favorite memories and stories and tell
us what you do to celebrate on the 1st or 4th.

A form will be available on the enchanted ramblings
mailing list, which you can then attach to an email.

To get the form, and to find out about our other
promotional opportunities, you can join our mailing

entries should be emailed to

to keep the finished download from getting too big, we
ask you not to submit more than 3 entries. Each entry
must be a different recipe and a different book and we
ask that the books be released between April 1st and
June 30th.

Deadline for entries is: June 1st.

The cookbook will be available for download at
Enchanted Ramblings on June 15th.
You are welcome to link to it from your site.

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