Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Moose man is a hit

I'm completely in shock right now. Samhain has accepted my proposal for The Last Prophecy of Mad Maddy MacElewain. The story itself is pretty cool....a young woman with a gift for healing (which she refuses to admit to) is being stalked. Her sister, who has visions, foresaw it and also forsaw that Lottie's only hope was a who knows me knows I love all things moose. So the hero in this story is a moose shifter in newfoundland, where Lottie runs to hide from the madman.

I'm happy that they liked the story...honestly...I'm just shocked that I didn't get an email telling me I should maybe up the dosage on my meds...(not that I'm on meds..)

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Jan Springer said...


I love moose or is it mooses *grin*

Mega congrats on the sale of your delicious moose shifter story. It sounds like a wonderful read. Can't wait for the story to be released. :-)