Sunday, June 11, 2006

Waearing out the seat of my pants

Some days it's a huge struggle to get words on paper. I can remember when I first came back to writing after a few years of college and other activiites and got the advice "Put the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair and don't get up until you've written something."

Good advice...if you aren't a stay at home mum with young kids who want something every 2 seconds. I need a drink. I'm hungry. I have to go to the bathroom. Can we do a craft? Can you put on a movie? Not to mention the fights and diaper changes. I swear the instant I put the seat of my pants to the seat of my chair, I have to jump right back up again.

On the other hand I only have....2 and a half years? until the littlest one is in school part time. Now if I could just send the dogs off somewhere so they will leave me alone too...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A contest, a party and some other stuff


As you may know, I am Canadian, and so is my friend Aline. To celebrate Canada Day (July 1st for those who don't know) we're having a contest. the prize is a basket of Canadian goodies and in order to enter, you must find 2 flags on each of the following websites:

The flags on the contest pages don't count.

Then when you've found them (six flags) email one of us and tell us which pages you found them on. The deadline is July 1st.

On June 15th I'll be at a party on Bianca D'arc's yahoo loop. Lots of authors will be posting excerpts and I'm sure there will be prizes and stuff too. If you'd like to come and find some great new books to read, here is the link to join her group:


Hmm let's friend Piper has a release this weekend from Silk's vault... Blood Bonds. Aline has a release at Silk's Vault on the 23rd...Toss of a Coin.....what else is going on? Oh! Don't forget the deadline for issue 5 of Enchanted Ramblings is fast approaching. If you have a detective/police/mystery story you'd like to submit, the deadline is June 15th. Email submissions to

Not sure if there is anything else worth mentioning. I've been procrastinating and started making a new quilt for my bed. Chris isn't too keen on the fact that there is a tiny bit of pink in it...but oh well. It's cheery and more summery. Now the kids want me to make them new quilts as well. *sigh*

Have a good writing day everyone!