Sunday, September 24, 2006

I thought bad things came in threes...

Do you ever feel like you're under some kind of curse? You're going along, enjoying life then BAM! all of a sudden everything breaks down, and Murphy's having a hay day at your expense? Welcome to the past few weeks of my life. Between cars breaking down, roof leaking, files disappearing, computers breaking and, worst of all, a death in the family, I'm starting to think I must have done something really bad on the karma scale.

So I've thought about it. Nothing particular comes to mind. The fact is, these things just come in cycles and it's best to grit your teeth and wait until you pop out on the other side. A few years back my family went through a really bad period of about 2 years where cars broke down every other day, bills got lost and collection agencies called, people were sick and for a while I was afraid to answer the phone because it seemed everytime I did, someone had died. Then, gradually we got through it.

Now I'm off to work on the first sex scene in the Dragon's Birth sequel...while gritting my teeth and hoping that this time, things settle down sooner rather than later.

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