Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just a little change of scene

When somethings not working on a story, we blame our muse. Lately I think my muse has decided to make himself a permanant fixture at the local nudey bar.

Ok, so the truth is there are more solid (non-mythical) reasons for flow blockage. (ewww that didn't come out right) Most of the time it's because I've plunged into the story without doing enough preperation on the characters background. So when they do something or say something that doesn't fit with some subconscious notion i have of them, it stalls me.

The other reason that I get blocked is because my writing area is a full on disaster zone. Coffee mugs, note books, a card reader for my digital camera, a bottle of school glue, nail clippers, coupons for the bookstore, a game boy, some toys, a mess of cables...and that's actually clean for me. Sometimes I'm afraid the piles of papers will topple over and the avalanche will knock the laptop to the floor. When things get that bad I have two options....clean *gag* or take the laptop somewhere else.

Normally that means sitting in bed, or on the couch, but last night I took a walk to the library and wow. It's amazing what a quiet space can do for you. No kids asking for snacks, no dogs barking to be let out, no pile of dishes giving you dirty looks (haha, pun not intended) but more than that, it was almost as if I had to write, simply because the opportunity to do so in peace is so rare.

It made me realize that when I took the laptop to the arena and wrote while my daughter had her skating lessons, I actually got a lot done. None of the parents bothered me (though they may have thought I was a bit weird.) Writing naughty bits while surrounded by unsuspecting mothers watching their daughters twirl and jump is a bit strange at first, but I got used to it.

Now if only there was a nice little coffee shop somewhere that i could go to....

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