Friday, September 29, 2006

Survivor is back!

Yay! I meant to post comments about the new season of survivor earlier, but got distracted. I get so excited when a new season starts up and usually spend a few days dancing around singing "Survivor's on tonight" which really annoys my kids.

So what do I think about the race division thing? *shrug* People can complain all they want but the fact is, survivor is all about learning to get along with others, regardless of ethnicity, to survive, and isn't that what life is all about on the grander scale? The world is shrinking and you can either accept that or hide. Personally, I think hiding is boring...sooner or later you run out of chocolate.

After the first episode I thought Ozzy rocked...then after episode 2 I started to think he's one of those guys that seems to increase his self esteem by making others feel bad about themselves. The whole Billy thing made me crazy. Billy was so Rah Rah team until Ozzy started shooting down all his ideas. Ok, so maybe Ozzy has more experience in outdoor stuff, it's not the point. I really think that if that team had been more of a team, Billy wouldn't have ended up feeling left out, and would have been more involved around camp. And to say "I'm not going to carry someone" well holy CRAP! I think those survivors are eating better than I do! Who cares if you have to catch one more fish! It's not like you're hurting for food or anything! Bloody hell! Starting off by alienating someone is a dumb move and now I want to see Ozzy gone so bad it's become my manta "Send Ozzy Home! Send Ozzy Home!" The rest of the tribe should have kicked his ass for suggesting he throw the challenge. STUPID! And really, what good did it do them when the tribes got switched up the next day anyway? All you've done is eliminated one person of your original tribe who could have sided with you when you got the switch up. People are so stupid. Even if the switch up hadn't occured the next day, you knew it was coming soon.

So far there isn't anyone I can say I really like. Jonathan is too cocky...knowing what's best for Jessica so she doesn't have to think (WTF was up with that?) Yul seems like a solid player, strong, smart and socially adept. Most of the girls are just faces to me other than Jessica and Parvati. Now, I was prepared to like Parvati because of the name (YAY Harry Potter!) but ugg! Can you be a little less obvious with your pathetic flirting attempts? Sheesh! Why not just rip off your clothes and parade around in the buff (haha pun not intended) She's going to tick the other women off big time with that.

On a related topic, I'm so glad they brought back the Survivor Strikes Back Blog. I love this almost as much as the show itself...Brian's posts always make me laugh.

Anyway, I'm baking cookies and stuff even though I should be working on dragons. *sigh*

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