Saturday, September 02, 2006

what a weird month!

August has been cool this year and I've been hiding in the house wishing I was out camping. I managed to finish and send in "the Final Prophecy" and I just finished the first round of edits on that. It'll be exciting to have a print release this winter!

I spent a lot of the month watching high school movies. Yeah, weird I know. I feel a little odd about it, but after some serious thought I realized there were good reasons for it (beyond cute guys that is...which would make me a pervert right?) Reason #1 is that high school sucked hard core for me. I think I like watching other people have a grand adventure in thier own high school time. I suppose it's like reading a romance novel even though you're married. How many of us wish we'd met our own husbands through some vastly romantic adventure? and 2) our high school was boring. We didn't get out to watch sports, didn't have the kind of cliques you see in movies. It sort of makes me wonder if those things actually happen.

Anyway LOL now that I've blabbed about liking teeny-bopper movies, I'll get back to writing. School starts up in a few days so I'll be down to one kiddie in the house. Hopefully I'll get more done then than I have this summer.

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