Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Moose Man is Loose!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Traditionally Halloween hasn't been a good day for me, but I'm hoping that this year things will be different. Last Prophecy releases today at Samhain (It's up and available now squee!) and I'm really excited. When I submitted the proposal for this story, I thought no way in hell it would be chosen...and then when the edits were finished and it was making the review rounds I thought, well it's gonna get bad reviews...it's a moose-shifter after all. To my surprise it's gotten great reviews. I guess being a little off-beat is a good thing.

I'll be holding a contest soon. Getting the kiddies ready for trick or treating has taken up all my time (not to mention trying to deal with computer issues *sigh* )

Oh! And NANO starts tonight at MIDNIGHT! Ack! I feel about as unprepared as it's possible to get. *sigh*

If anyone is interested in following the progress of a bunch of us crazy nanoers, go to the messageboards at Enchanged Ramblings www.enchantedramblings.net and you can follow our journey...and listen to us bitch....

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