Friday, October 06, 2006

Poor boobies

Ok, so judging by last weeks previews for survivor, it looked like Cai Boi pulled down a nest of baby birds and they had to talk him out of frying them up. Instead it was a big sob fest with big bad Jonathan nearly in tears. I gotta say I'm relieved. Most kids learn by about age 12 not to bug a bird in it's nest...

It was soooo good to see the Raro tribe get their egos brought back down to earth, especially the men. I thought it was funny that they were all like "we're Gods out here" after winning one challenge. Um...ONE challenge. hello! Maybe if they'd won a bunch in a row they could get nicely inflated heads, but one? Nice to see them humbled.

I am so happy that the women of Raro stood together, and were smart enough to pull in Brad as a back up. I wonder who told Adam? Also makes you wonder why Parvati didn't tell Nate, since they are so close.

I loved how pouty Ozzy was after last weeks tribal LOL. Not so cocky when things aren't going your way huh? As annoyed as I was with him, you gotta give the boy credit - he's good. He saved his tribes ass on that challenge, and Cai Boi with his fire dance thing? oh man! I was so waiting for him to basically screw it up, for his zen mystical stuff to fail and for him to get voted out (not that I want him gone, I just though it was sure to happen.) But wow! And that nobody in his tribe was yelling "WTF are you doing?" was totally cool. (or maybe they were and it got edited out) If he doesn't make it to final four, that bit will be in his memorial video thing for sure.

Anyway, all in all a good episode.

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