Sunday, November 26, 2006

Moving Atlantis is now available!

Yeah, I know...I'm a bit behind on the announcement. It's been a week of sick kids, ER visits and cleaning. We had a wedding to attend yesterday and today the inlaws came for a visit. So, yes I'm five days late in announcing that Moving Atlantis is now available at Samhain publishing.

Now, I'm the first person to admit that I suck at promoting. I dislike dropping excerpts at 100 different yahoo groups because I feel it's not fair to do that if you don't participate in conversations on those groups. If I could keep up with all those conversations I'd been glued to the computer 24/7 and would never get any actual writing done...not to mention my kids would starve.

On the other hand, if I don't get my butt in gear and start promoting myself, I'll have to start looking for a job when the youngest heads to school. *eep*

Monday, November 20, 2006


Has anyone seen the movie "Accepted"? I've watched it about 20 times this week (yeah yeah..should be writing...) and I can't get enough of it. Justin Long is so funny. We've also rented Divinci Code but I haven't watched it yet. Anyone else seen any good movies lately? Lately my movie selections have consisted of Barbie, Shrek and Cars.

Nano well maybe we shouldn't talk about that. It'll only depress me. Things started slow, got really good then went Pttthhhht! On the other hand, Raewyn's story is much better this time around and Seth is a stronger character I think. Now if I could just stop writing out scenes for this OTHER story that won't leave me alone, I could get back to my nano.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Double Whammy

Another awesome survivor episode...things are getting good after a half dozen episodes that almost put me to sleep. Aitu rocks. I was so worried aftert they won the reward challenge that they would get all cocky then lose immunity, but nope. They had a great time at their reward and came back even more a family. then they whipped Raro's butt in immunity. I am not ashamed to admit that I cackled with evil glee when they won.

Jonathan's still hanging around, providing fish seems to be saving him from the vote though it could also be that he's now not much of a threat. Even if all the Aitu members are on the jury, he's going to have a hard time winning. Basically, he's a free vote that they are holding on to.

Jeff always says there may never be a merge...and wouldn't that be something? This has been a good season for twists, no merge would be a biggie.

I gotta say when Parvati read the note from the bottle, I laughed so hard. Mwahahahaha! 2 voted off! If only someone had decided to pick off candice or Adam cause I really don't want to watch two sweaty, dirty people making out. *gag* didn't we get enough of that crap with Rob and Amber? And didn't anyone learn anything from that season? You do NOT let a couple form them out and let them play back at the hotel so nobody at home has to watch.

Anyway, I'm back in the Yay survivor mode. For the last few weeks I've been more excited about watching Shark and CSI (all three) than watching survivor...which is saying something since for 3 years Surivor has been the only show I actually got excited to watch. Shark is amazing. If you haven't seen it, you should definately check it out.

Off to get some writing done...hopefully.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Caffine please!

After writing SFA for three days, I'm feeling decidedly depressed. Nano is slipping away from me yet again this year. The same thing happened to me last year. I ended up getting antsy to finish other projects and but felt like I had to do nano...thereby getting nothing done on anything. I do have way too many projects on the go (again) The sequel to Dragon's Birth, and a second short for WCP should be topping the list. Instead, I'm surfing the net for pictures, daydreaming and thinking about baking cookies. *sigh* I should duct tape my butt to the chair, but then what would I do when the kids wanted snacks or the dogs needed to go out?

Back to staring at the screen...

Friday, November 10, 2006


Yeah! Thats what survivor is all about. So let's break it down...Candace decided to mutiny when she was part of a very strong 5 person alliance that could have gotten her to the end...she's strong and would have done well in individual immunity so she had a good chance to why did she switch over? Cause she's got the hots for Adam. Wow. the guy must have something beyond a nice body. Now Jonathan...well he switched because he believes the 4 person white alliance is still a go. Not likely. The funny thing is, everyone was terrified that at a merge, the white people would have the numbers and would be unbeatable. Then all of a sudden they were concerned that Brad would switch over and join Yul and Becky at a merge? What about Jenny? Does nobody worry about her switching over?

I can see the fact that Jonathan is basically done so why vote him off right away. It makes sense because Aitu isn't happy with him (Or Candace for that matter) so he can't go back to them at a merge. The problem is, Jonathan is one of those players who is good at manipulating people. They've just given him time to shmooze his way in, to stir things up. He knows he's on the chopping block so he has nothing to loose. If I was Jonathan, I'd be stirring every pot I could and if he's smart enough, he could totally mess up that tribe.

Anyway, what's important to remember is that AITU KICKED ASS! Holy cow! There's nothing like being turned on to cement your alliance and make you work extra hard. way to go.

Back to writing. Nano word count is 15205.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

a milestone....even if it is a small one

Last year I only made it to 13,300 words on Nano. I've passed that today so at least I'm doing better than last year. I can't remember how long I went until I stopped my nano project and started polishing Dragon's Birth for submission. It doesn't matter I guess.

Current word count is14676.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Beginnings is available for pre-order at Amazon!

Ok, so my name isn't listed in the author search part, they only put 3 out of the 6 authors in the book, but the important part to remember is that I have a book coming out in PRINT!

Now I'll be dancing around all night and won't get any writing done...oh well, I'm on top of my nano goals so it's all good. I need a celebratory beer!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thank you Treehouse!

I've been behind on my nano word count and then bang! Tonight Treehouse played back to back episodes of my kids favorite show. they havent' moved or bugged for food. It's like the TV people were taking pity on me or something!

Thank you Toopy and Binoo.

Nano count up to this point.... 8027 - aiming for 10K by tonight

Friday, November 03, 2006

Survivor episode 7

survivor was actually pretty good last night. There was some good tension and some last minute scrambling that didnt work but still...there was scrambling.

First off, Nate being in the other camp - usually that means the merge is coming real soon. If they give you a reason to find out more about the other tribe it's so you can use it to your advantage. They didn't really show Nate learning anything important except that Flicka was on the outside...but since she got voted out it's sort of a moot point. At the reward challenge, Brad chose to do the puzzle. Bad move? In hind sight, yes, but if you think back that tribe has always done well in the physical aspects than screwed the whole thing up on the puzzle part. Then again that was when they had 4 big strong guys, With Nate on the other tribe and JP voted out, that left Adam to do all the hard work....still, it was a strategy that could have worked if Nate hadn't been on the other tribe. I also get the feeling Brad doesn't like his tribe. I bet he's really looking for a merge but I don't know if it'll do him any good. The other tribe is pretty tight (that alliance SOOOOO bugs me. does nobody else see that Becky and Jonathan are shifty looking? And Candace is a good competator, almost as strong as Ozzy in a lot of ways...If they get rid of Ozzy she'll be tough to beat I think.)

Immunity Challenge - Nice butt shot on nate there huh? I bet that's something he'll be proud to see on TV...mind you others were flashing their boobs so no biggie right?

I was really sorry to see Flicka go. Voting someone off because they are annoying is so stupid in this game. They all agree she's nice and not much for alliances etc...she was no threat (well, maybe a bit of a physical threat) You'd think that at this point, good strategy would be to get rid of the people that are a physical and/or strategic threat. Jonathan would have been a better choice I think. In this game if you latch onto a good strategic player, you can go all the way to the end, but the problem do you know you are the ONE he really intends to take? You don't. People like that have made promises to everyone and only he/she knows who they really feel loyal too...then they might decide you're more of a liability and turn on you. The very blatent strategic players are WAY more dangerous than the physically tough ones. Look at Terry in last season, he never lost a challenge but he still didn't win.

Anyway, things are starting to get interesting...finally.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween, Nano and other bits

first of all, Halloween was great. We actually had a fairly mild night (with no freezing rain for a change!) so the kids didn't have to wear snow suits under their costumes. I took the kids around the neighborhood while DH handed out loot at home. Last year we had kids hitting us before it was even dark. I hadn't had anything set up and was trying to get our kids dressed...this year I got everything ready nice and early and *tumbleweeds* nothing. It was like our street was a no-trick-or-treating-zone. Last year we almost had to hand out cans of tuna and OXO cubes this year we had so much left over we could have not bothered going out with the kids. Of the kids we did have come to the door, a lot were teenagers and one, dressed as a hippie, was actually smoking a cigarette. there comes a point where you have to accept that you're too old to dress up for halloween.

Nano...*sigh* yeah, that's not going so well. I managed to write about 1000 words yesterday, not even close to the recommended 2500/day they suggest for the first week. Oh well, today is a new day right? I did write some by hand last night at the skating rink so I'll put that in this morning and carry on.

survivor is on tonight and I can barely make myself care. Is it just me or is this season insanely boring? It started out well, the whole race issue promised lots of controversy etc, but so far, nothing. I think they are eating too much. The whole point of survivor is to starve and be bitchy..that's what makes good TV. I'm more looking forward to CSI tonight.