Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween, Nano and other bits

first of all, Halloween was great. We actually had a fairly mild night (with no freezing rain for a change!) so the kids didn't have to wear snow suits under their costumes. I took the kids around the neighborhood while DH handed out loot at home. Last year we had kids hitting us before it was even dark. I hadn't had anything set up and was trying to get our kids dressed...this year I got everything ready nice and early and *tumbleweeds* nothing. It was like our street was a no-trick-or-treating-zone. Last year we almost had to hand out cans of tuna and OXO cubes this year we had so much left over we could have not bothered going out with the kids. Of the kids we did have come to the door, a lot were teenagers and one, dressed as a hippie, was actually smoking a cigarette. there comes a point where you have to accept that you're too old to dress up for halloween.

Nano...*sigh* yeah, that's not going so well. I managed to write about 1000 words yesterday, not even close to the recommended 2500/day they suggest for the first week. Oh well, today is a new day right? I did write some by hand last night at the skating rink so I'll put that in this morning and carry on.

survivor is on tonight and I can barely make myself care. Is it just me or is this season insanely boring? It started out well, the whole race issue promised lots of controversy etc, but so far, nothing. I think they are eating too much. The whole point of survivor is to starve and be bitchy..that's what makes good TV. I'm more looking forward to CSI tonight.

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