Friday, November 10, 2006


Yeah! Thats what survivor is all about. So let's break it down...Candace decided to mutiny when she was part of a very strong 5 person alliance that could have gotten her to the end...she's strong and would have done well in individual immunity so she had a good chance to why did she switch over? Cause she's got the hots for Adam. Wow. the guy must have something beyond a nice body. Now Jonathan...well he switched because he believes the 4 person white alliance is still a go. Not likely. The funny thing is, everyone was terrified that at a merge, the white people would have the numbers and would be unbeatable. Then all of a sudden they were concerned that Brad would switch over and join Yul and Becky at a merge? What about Jenny? Does nobody worry about her switching over?

I can see the fact that Jonathan is basically done so why vote him off right away. It makes sense because Aitu isn't happy with him (Or Candace for that matter) so he can't go back to them at a merge. The problem is, Jonathan is one of those players who is good at manipulating people. They've just given him time to shmooze his way in, to stir things up. He knows he's on the chopping block so he has nothing to loose. If I was Jonathan, I'd be stirring every pot I could and if he's smart enough, he could totally mess up that tribe.

Anyway, what's important to remember is that AITU KICKED ASS! Holy cow! There's nothing like being turned on to cement your alliance and make you work extra hard. way to go.

Back to writing. Nano word count is 15205.

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