Friday, November 03, 2006

Survivor episode 7

survivor was actually pretty good last night. There was some good tension and some last minute scrambling that didnt work but still...there was scrambling.

First off, Nate being in the other camp - usually that means the merge is coming real soon. If they give you a reason to find out more about the other tribe it's so you can use it to your advantage. They didn't really show Nate learning anything important except that Flicka was on the outside...but since she got voted out it's sort of a moot point. At the reward challenge, Brad chose to do the puzzle. Bad move? In hind sight, yes, but if you think back that tribe has always done well in the physical aspects than screwed the whole thing up on the puzzle part. Then again that was when they had 4 big strong guys, With Nate on the other tribe and JP voted out, that left Adam to do all the hard work....still, it was a strategy that could have worked if Nate hadn't been on the other tribe. I also get the feeling Brad doesn't like his tribe. I bet he's really looking for a merge but I don't know if it'll do him any good. The other tribe is pretty tight (that alliance SOOOOO bugs me. does nobody else see that Becky and Jonathan are shifty looking? And Candace is a good competator, almost as strong as Ozzy in a lot of ways...If they get rid of Ozzy she'll be tough to beat I think.)

Immunity Challenge - Nice butt shot on nate there huh? I bet that's something he'll be proud to see on TV...mind you others were flashing their boobs so no biggie right?

I was really sorry to see Flicka go. Voting someone off because they are annoying is so stupid in this game. They all agree she's nice and not much for alliances etc...she was no threat (well, maybe a bit of a physical threat) You'd think that at this point, good strategy would be to get rid of the people that are a physical and/or strategic threat. Jonathan would have been a better choice I think. In this game if you latch onto a good strategic player, you can go all the way to the end, but the problem do you know you are the ONE he really intends to take? You don't. People like that have made promises to everyone and only he/she knows who they really feel loyal too...then they might decide you're more of a liability and turn on you. The very blatent strategic players are WAY more dangerous than the physically tough ones. Look at Terry in last season, he never lost a challenge but he still didn't win.

Anyway, things are starting to get interesting...finally.

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