Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas is sneaky

How does it always creep up on me like this? Ack! I'm so not ready! I have presents to buy, meals to plan and trips to prepare for...and there's no time left. *sigh*

Reminder tonight is the Survivor Cook Islands finale and tomorrow is the chat at Realms of Love. Remember you need to register as a member to get into the chat (I think). Should be fun though. We'll be giving away free books, so come play.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Last Prophecy is a Recommended Read!

Yesterday I saw that Last Prophecy had been given a RR...Recommended Read at Rites of Romance Reviews. Here's a snippit about what Reviewer Adra Steia had to say:

"This is a funny, sweet, creepy novella that shouldn't be missed!"

To see the whole review, go here:

In Survivor news...we're down to the final episode! I always get so excited and so depressed at this point. This means February until the next season..if they do another season. I guess we'll find out on sunday.

So about last night's episode....well, I thought someone should tell Parvati and Adam that when you're down 2:4, it's not likely that you'll get one person to flip...what good would it do them? Forcing a tie that, if your side lost, makes them a bad guy. Nope, Ozzy wouldn't been an idiot to flip. That being said, I hope he does make it to final 2. If anyone out there deserves to win, he does. He's played a low key game as far as strategy goes....weighing in with opinions when needed, but for the most part, letting Yul be the leader and usually, as we all know, the leaders take the flack with the jury. Yes all of them voted that way, but with Yul as the apparent leader, he's the one who they'll be pissed at. I guess Yul has this last chance to play the idol next week so we'll see how that goes. At least the idol came into play in some way this season.

The naked hot tub bit was cool. LOL It's always funny to see how the survivors react to alchol after not eating much for a month...that and coffee.

Best part of the episode? When Becky and Sundra came to the realization that Ozzy was a huge threat. Um DUH! if you're just figuring that out now, you so don't deserve to win. Maybe this turn of heart was sparked by jealousy over not winning the challenge...but honestly, if they didn't notice how Ozzy dominates these women need glasses or something.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wedding Wars

I have been watching the previews for this on A&E for well over a month now, so I just had to watch it. Boy am I glad I did. What a clever, funny, heart warming story! The issue of same sex marriage is one that's very dear to me, so I knew I'd enjoy it, but I had no idea how much. I'm generally not a huge fan of made for TV movies...I just gotta say, the writer on this one deserves a huge ovation. the characterization, the dialogue, the It also had a great cast.

If you missed it last night, there is an encore this saturday at 10 (I think it's at 10) Definately check it out.

k, for someone who writes, that review was really pathetic LOL but I was up really late, then got woken early by the kiddies so my brain feels a little melted.

Maybe I shouldn't do any editing or new writing today. LOL I fear for the quality if I do.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Finally! A review for Moving Atlantis!

Moving Atlantis has been out for 3 weeks or so now, and I have been nervously awaiting the reviews. I know Enchanted Ramblings has done one, but it's not on the website yet. Yesterday I found a review for it on Once Upon a Romance. Janet, the reviewer, calls it "refreshingly different" so that's pretty cool. To read the full review, click here:

Friday, December 08, 2006

Join us for a chat at Realms of Love

Join myself, Aline de Chevigny, Kim Rees and Michelle Hasker for a live chat at Realms of Love - December 18th at 9pm

We'll be discussing our latest books and giving away goodies. I'll be giving away a download of Moving Atlantis.

Survivor ranting

STOOOOOOOOPID! Sorry, but I just think it was dumb to vote out Jonathan. Personally, I could live with someone I didn't like for a few more days, but Adam has a chance to win challenges so they should have kicked him out. And did you see Adam's face when he only got one vote? Good lord, you'd think the guy just won the million. I'm hoping that Ozzie doesn't flip, cause I really don't want Adam or Parvati to make it to the end. They so don't deserve it. Ok, if your strategy is to be lazy and charm the others into carrying you, fine...but that so wouldn't wash with me. Neither of them has done much in the way of playing the game, no plotting, no planning. At least the others have worked the out play, out wit thing.

Personally, I can't see the problem with Jonathan. He did what he had to do to stay in the game and I think that, if put in the same place, any of the Raro people would have done the same. I wanted to slap Adam for saying Jonathan is responsible for voting out all the people on the jury...WHAT? Um, hello! Wasn't it your idea to vote out Brad? Wasn't it your idea to vote out Jennie and that other chick? Duh. Jonathan went along with YOUR plan, dumbass. Nice try at deflecting the blame though. I doubt any of them fell for it, but nice try.

The reward challenge was cool. I almost wish that they hadn't brought home food, cause it would have made things interesting if the hiding food thing had happened. It would have meant less chance of Ozzy being tempted to switch over to Adam and Parvati's side. I really hope that doesn't happen. *sigh*

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Criminalists in training

In preparing for a new series I'm planning, I've been watching a ton of CSI reruns which has totally annoyed my kids. Usually they groan and complain when I changed the channel but the other night they decided to imitate what I was watching.

My 5 year old daughter was the CSI. She took a pair of plastic tweezers from her fisher price doctor kit and collected evidence (mostly her socks, a wrapper from a rice crispie square, and other bits. Then she took them to the "lab" where my 2 year old son would analyze them for blood spatter, while he ran finger prints on their ibook. They also ran DNA tests using plastic cups and the syringe thingie that came with the doctor kit.

I'm totally into encouraging creativity so I went looking for toy CSI kits...well I found some but they were for ages 10 and up. After thinking for a minute I realized I could probably make them each one with stuff from the dollar store and makeup section of Zellars. So here's my plan:

small metal make up cases
pimple pads for GSR testing
pressed powder brushes for dusting for prints
magnifying glass
note pads
rubber gloves
little squirt bottles

The oldest wants a microscope but those all say ages 8 and up so I don't know if I'll go that far. We'll have to see what we can find.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I've been googling my name just to see if anything new pops up and I found a new review for Last Prophecy from Romance Reviews Today. Here's what they had to say:

Great suspense, terrific characterization and a charming romance, this first person short story is an absolute winner!


K, now that I've gotten that out of the way....I'll go back to plotting christmas shopping.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Flaming bags of popcorn

I know it shouldn't be possible, but yes, I did indeed ignite a bag of microwave popcorn yesterday and the house still stinks. See, it was one of those little packages, single serving size. Normally I'd stand there and watch it, after simply pushing the popcorn button, but I looked on the directions and it said 3 minutes. So I put it on and went to put on Ice Age 2 for the kids...yes I should have watched it...but Mr. reddibacher has never steered me wrong in the past. Well the kitchen was so thick with smoke I couldn't see, my eyes burned for hours and the inside of the microwave was black with soot. Inside the bag was a glob of blackened goo which nobody could have mistaken for popcorn.

I think I'll stick with the normal size bags from now on. At least I know the popcorn button cooks them perfectly every time.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's that time of year again...

With the snow we've been getting, it's hard to deny that Christmas is on it's way. How does it happen that I manage to leave presents to the last minute every year? I have the greatest intentions to get all the shopping done by October and every time I find myself braving the shops mid December in a panic. Of course it could be that we never have any money so buying presents isn't usually possible until it's cruch time. I'd hoped to be able to put all my writing income for christmas but things came bills...stupid bills. On the other hand, there wasn't much income to put away. Sad. Hopefully this year will be better now that I've gotten my feet wet.

The other thing the snow makes me think of is new years and those resolutions that I never seem to be able to keep. Keep the house clean *snort*, take the dogs for more walks *eep*, write every day *oops*, stop eating so much junk *sob*. Why do I torture myself? I mean, who can vow to do that for a whole year? It's just not feasible.

Well I'm off to bake, clean and walk the least if I'm going to clean I should be able to eat the junk...and walking the dogs makes the extra calories sort of's all good.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Survivor and laptop demise

Ok, first I'm going to's better than crying.

Last night on suvivor things got beautifully nasty. That was the survivor we've all missed! With half the people calling Jonathan a "Filthy rat" and the other half being bombarded with pleas, it was a good episode. All I can say is THANK GOD Candice is gone! Her and Adam kissing was just getting gross. I mean, these people haven't bathed in a month....ewwwww! And what was with the big slobbery smooch when she left? Say what you want about Amber and Rob, but at least they weren't acting like horny teenagers on the show. Yuck. Jeff made a good point though....if it was love, he'd have given her immunity. I hope Adam goes next.

As for Jonathan....I felt bad for the guy. It's a game, and he saw a chance to make a good play. Really, given the circumstances, it was the only play he could make. Anything else and he'd have been voted off. I wanted to slap Adam, Candice and Parvati for just laying around in the hut while the others worked....I so would have refused to feed them too. Good move to Aitu. You can't be down in numbers and be lazy...even if you're up in numbers...being lazy is one sure way to not get any votes from the least act like you give a damn about being in the game. rant I'm going to get weepy. My ibook bit the big one last night. A few months ago, the 2 year old dropped it..pulled it off the desk. I finally got a new power cord for it (Thanks Jeremy!) and after about 1 hour of use, the monitor died. Apparently it broke in the fall, and it was only a matter of time. So I mounted it as an external hard drive to the emac and got all my files, pics and music off it. At least I didn't lose two years worth of work, not to mention all the baby pics of the 2 year old responsible for all this depression.

I'd planned a massively unrealistic schedule for 2007, writing wise, based on having the laptop but now without it, it's gone from unrealistic to pretty much impossible. I need to get my sales up so I can buy a new one!

And just because my day wasn't enough in the crapper, the ceiling is leaking.