Friday, December 15, 2006

Last Prophecy is a Recommended Read!

Yesterday I saw that Last Prophecy had been given a RR...Recommended Read at Rites of Romance Reviews. Here's a snippit about what Reviewer Adra Steia had to say:

"This is a funny, sweet, creepy novella that shouldn't be missed!"

To see the whole review, go here:

In Survivor news...we're down to the final episode! I always get so excited and so depressed at this point. This means February until the next season..if they do another season. I guess we'll find out on sunday.

So about last night's episode....well, I thought someone should tell Parvati and Adam that when you're down 2:4, it's not likely that you'll get one person to flip...what good would it do them? Forcing a tie that, if your side lost, makes them a bad guy. Nope, Ozzy wouldn't been an idiot to flip. That being said, I hope he does make it to final 2. If anyone out there deserves to win, he does. He's played a low key game as far as strategy goes....weighing in with opinions when needed, but for the most part, letting Yul be the leader and usually, as we all know, the leaders take the flack with the jury. Yes all of them voted that way, but with Yul as the apparent leader, he's the one who they'll be pissed at. I guess Yul has this last chance to play the idol next week so we'll see how that goes. At least the idol came into play in some way this season.

The naked hot tub bit was cool. LOL It's always funny to see how the survivors react to alchol after not eating much for a month...that and coffee.

Best part of the episode? When Becky and Sundra came to the realization that Ozzy was a huge threat. Um DUH! if you're just figuring that out now, you so don't deserve to win. Maybe this turn of heart was sparked by jealousy over not winning the challenge...but honestly, if they didn't notice how Ozzy dominates these women need glasses or something.

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