Friday, December 01, 2006

Survivor and laptop demise

Ok, first I'm going to's better than crying.

Last night on suvivor things got beautifully nasty. That was the survivor we've all missed! With half the people calling Jonathan a "Filthy rat" and the other half being bombarded with pleas, it was a good episode. All I can say is THANK GOD Candice is gone! Her and Adam kissing was just getting gross. I mean, these people haven't bathed in a month....ewwwww! And what was with the big slobbery smooch when she left? Say what you want about Amber and Rob, but at least they weren't acting like horny teenagers on the show. Yuck. Jeff made a good point though....if it was love, he'd have given her immunity. I hope Adam goes next.

As for Jonathan....I felt bad for the guy. It's a game, and he saw a chance to make a good play. Really, given the circumstances, it was the only play he could make. Anything else and he'd have been voted off. I wanted to slap Adam, Candice and Parvati for just laying around in the hut while the others worked....I so would have refused to feed them too. Good move to Aitu. You can't be down in numbers and be lazy...even if you're up in numbers...being lazy is one sure way to not get any votes from the least act like you give a damn about being in the game. rant I'm going to get weepy. My ibook bit the big one last night. A few months ago, the 2 year old dropped it..pulled it off the desk. I finally got a new power cord for it (Thanks Jeremy!) and after about 1 hour of use, the monitor died. Apparently it broke in the fall, and it was only a matter of time. So I mounted it as an external hard drive to the emac and got all my files, pics and music off it. At least I didn't lose two years worth of work, not to mention all the baby pics of the 2 year old responsible for all this depression.

I'd planned a massively unrealistic schedule for 2007, writing wise, based on having the laptop but now without it, it's gone from unrealistic to pretty much impossible. I need to get my sales up so I can buy a new one!

And just because my day wasn't enough in the crapper, the ceiling is leaking.

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