Friday, December 08, 2006

Survivor ranting

STOOOOOOOOPID! Sorry, but I just think it was dumb to vote out Jonathan. Personally, I could live with someone I didn't like for a few more days, but Adam has a chance to win challenges so they should have kicked him out. And did you see Adam's face when he only got one vote? Good lord, you'd think the guy just won the million. I'm hoping that Ozzie doesn't flip, cause I really don't want Adam or Parvati to make it to the end. They so don't deserve it. Ok, if your strategy is to be lazy and charm the others into carrying you, fine...but that so wouldn't wash with me. Neither of them has done much in the way of playing the game, no plotting, no planning. At least the others have worked the out play, out wit thing.

Personally, I can't see the problem with Jonathan. He did what he had to do to stay in the game and I think that, if put in the same place, any of the Raro people would have done the same. I wanted to slap Adam for saying Jonathan is responsible for voting out all the people on the jury...WHAT? Um, hello! Wasn't it your idea to vote out Brad? Wasn't it your idea to vote out Jennie and that other chick? Duh. Jonathan went along with YOUR plan, dumbass. Nice try at deflecting the blame though. I doubt any of them fell for it, but nice try.

The reward challenge was cool. I almost wish that they hadn't brought home food, cause it would have made things interesting if the hiding food thing had happened. It would have meant less chance of Ozzy being tempted to switch over to Adam and Parvati's side. I really hope that doesn't happen. *sigh*

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