Friday, January 26, 2007 to a slow start

Yeah, I'm puttering along on my 2007 WIPS. I thought I'd be doing better than this, but yikes. not good.

These are the WIPS I'd hoped to do this year:

Enemy of Crown (18K done)
Healer'sCurse (12K done)
Summer Storm (8K done)
The Forgotten Heir (18K done)
The Black Star Conspiracy
Descendants of War
Enemy 2
The Last Bridge Burned
Famous Last Words
Under the Blood Moon
Banner of the Black Star
The Last Performance
7th Symbol
7 Days to Darkness
unnamed sci-fi novella
Oakcroft Chronicles 2375 (unnamed) 1-4

yeah, I know...way too much...Thats 9 novels, 8 Novellas and a couple short stories. Excuse me while I go laugh at myself until I puke...ok...LOL better now.

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