Saturday, January 06, 2007

BLOG TAG: Favorite TV series and episodes

Ok, so the question is....what are your 3 favorite TV series that you would like to get on DVD and your top episodes from each series.

> Something Wicked This Way Comes - the series opener.
> The Good the Bad and the Cursed - this is the episode when Prue and Cole have to go to a ghost town that's stuck in a time loop.
>The Courtship of Wyatt's Father - this is the episode where Chris is desperate to get Piper and Leo back together so he can be conceived.
> Witchstock - this is the episode where Paige goes back in time to the night their grandfather was killed and has to keep Grams from remaining a pacifist.
> Forever Charmed - the series finale was sooo good. It was good to see all the cast appear...from older Chris and Wyatt to grams and Patty and Vince.

> Caretaker - the 2 part series opener...I love how charmingly petulant Tom Paris is in this episode
> Investigations - the episode where Tom leaves the ship and Neelix flushes out a traitor.
> Blood Fever - Vorick starts the Pon Far and ends up transfering his mating needs onto Torres who gets real pissy hehehe
> Scorpion - 2 parter where 7 of 9 joines the crew
> Year of Hell - 2 parter - lots of time stuff....and the father from That 70's Show is on it
> The Killing Game - A WW2 holodeck program puts the crew in danger when aliens take over
> 30 Days - Paris is confined to the brig for disobeying orders
> 11:59 - Janeway learns the truth about an ancestor who has always been her inspiration
> Shattered - my favorite all time episode....Voyager is split into a bunch of times and Chakotay must rally allies from the past and the future

> Fannysmackin' - the episode where Greg gets beat up was soooo good...not that I want Greg getting beat up, but it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.
> Grave Danger - the episode where Nick get's buried in the glass coffin...
> Pirates of the Third Reich - this is the one with Lady Heather's daughter...and the weird guy who tortures people and does experiments on them in the desert. VERY CREEPY
> Living Legend - the episode where the vegas legend comes back and kills his enemies and we get to see a young Willows

I'll be tagging Kim Rees, so follow the link on the side bar to see her answers sometime on the 8th

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