Saturday, January 06, 2007

Is this January or May?

It's now the 6th of January and there isn't a snow flake in sight. What's up with that? it's raining here...the driveway is a huge mud puddle, I swear my bulbs are going to start to pop up and I know some of the shrubs are budding with lovely little green leaves.

The scary thing is, what happens if, say next week, it finally decides "oh's winter..." and all these trees that think it's spring suddenly lose their new little buds? I mean, that can't be good for them right? *sigh* all my perennials that I've tried so hard not to kill. Well, at least I'll be able to say it wasn't my black thumb of death that did them in this time.

On the writing front I've done SFA. So much for the new years resolution to write every day huh? I also broke down and had a can of coke...*sigh* I'm so weak. In my defense we were out of milk and water leaving only grape juice which I HATE. Grape juice is so gross. I guess I could have had a beer...forgot we had that.

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