Wednesday, March 07, 2007

13 fiction universes I'd love to live in

Thirteen fictional universes I'd like to live in

1…. Star Wars. I've wanted to be a Jedi all my life!

2. Dark Hunters - lots of hot guys kicking butt? I'd be happy there.

3. Valdemar - I grew up with Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar stories and always wanted to be a Herald.

4. Stargate - Ok, so I know the whole military thing wouldn't work for me...I'm not good at following orders without snarky back talk, but still so much to explore.

5. Celta - I think that's the planet name in Robin D. Owens's Heart series. I love the concept of flair.

6. Charmed. Ok, so I wanna be a kick ass witch. Who doesn't?

7. Harry Potter - Riding a broomstick, battling ultimate evil and tending to magical creatures...that's cool, but what does it for me is the robes and the wand. Wands are cool.

8. Star Trek - K, I wanna be an "ensign expendable" over and over again. Just cause.

9. Shrek - Wouldn't it be cool to hang with Gingie, the 3 blind mice and donkey?

10. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World - living in a tree house, fighting dinos and other cool enemies with a few hot guys? Why not? The tree house would be awesome.

11. Etheria (I think that's the name) When I was a kid I was soooooo She-ra! Princess of Power, yep, that was me.

12. Gail Dayton's Rose World (LUNA) - cause it might be interestng to try the whole polygamy thing.

13. Pirates - who wouldn't want to sail away with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom?

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JohnH985 said...

Being a jedi would be cool.

My 13 are up.

armywife said...

starwars, charmed, harry potter, all would be great universes to be in!

happy TT

Rashenbo said...

Oh yeah..... Let me just close my eyes and daydream for a few minutes... MMMMMMM Orlando, Johnny, and me... on a boat... near an island... lots of rum :P

And all the others would be just as fun honestly :D I've certainly had a few charmed day dreams... what kind of power would you have?

whenn said...

Great first list!
Cool places too!


Raggedy said...

Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Anne Douglas said...

Oh, yes, I could so deal with spending a little time in those universes...wonder where I can sign up to be an extra?

Caylynn said...

Terrific list! I would definitely like to be a Jedi, or serve on the Enterprise, or visit Valdemar, or be on a Stargate team. It would be so cool to explore any of those universes! Wonderful idea for Thursday Thirteen. :)

Jennie Andrus/Piper Evyns said...

Rashenbo - I think I'd have a hard time deciding between telekinesis and Piper's freezing/blowing up power.

Starla said...

To be part of She-ra's crew was always a dream of mine when I was a kid. Sigh...

A jedi would be cool too.

Great TT!

Jaci Burton said...

You had me at Johnny Depp. ;-)

Jadesymb said...

I always wanted to be a Jedi growing up!

Annie said...

I love all of these, though my first choice would be the Star Wars universe! Excellent list!

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Great list! I always wanted to be in the Star Trek 'verse.

Samantha Lucas said...

That was a cool list. I'm learning so much today. lol

Jill said...

Shrek, Charmed and Pirate are way cool!! Imagine that if we would be in charmed, we will always have drop dead handsome boyfriend

crowwoman / rhian said...

This is fun - never thought about it before. Definitely Dark Hunter Universe as long as I can have one of the Hunters to drool over. I think it's Wylie that has piratin' talk for her TT today.

Noner said...

For your Stargate one, they dont take their orders without occasionally snarky backtalk, why should you. -grin-

I wouldn't mind living in the shrek universe myself.