Saturday, March 10, 2007

Oh the wonderful world of Figure Skating!

So DD's skating competition was today. What a chaotic, stressful day. Started out with freezing rain and a sleepless night where I kept worrying about how I'd deal with DD if/when she lost. See she hasn't been too good about practicing (Ok, so she mostly has been poking around giving me dirty looks and crying cause she's cold) We get up, get out the door and head to the arena which is TINY. 3 skating clubs were crammed into the smallest dressing room I've ever seen in an arena. No way they could fit a whole hockey team in there.

Anyway, DD did well. She got gold in her team elements event, and silver for her solo. Somehow she managed to pull off all the tricks she was only half-assing all year long. Now I just have to deal with her dancing around singing "I'm the best skater ever!" I dread the thought of how much she'll shirk practice next year after this, but she is only 6.

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