Sunday, April 08, 2007

Catching up

Whew! Its been a nutty few weeks. We ran out of water and decided we weren't going to keep doing the cistern thing so we hunted around for quotes to get someone to hook us up to town water...turns out it's way cheaper to do it ourselves, and not as hard as we thought. So we rented a little back-ho and dug the trench (and two of our neighbors as well) and hopefully we'll have lovely, clean non-dead-mousy-water. (Yep, we found dead mice floating in the cistern which is what prompted this whole fiasco. Gross gross gross.)

I've also joined two new group blogs. Paranormal romance, and Fantasy. I'll put the links in the side bar. There are some awesome authors at these blogs, so I'm really excited to be a part of them. Also, the Daughters of Circe blog is up and running, I've updated the Daughters website with some beautiful new covers and new sales, and some other stuff. There will be a new contest running in the next few days.

Other than that, I've been aching to try out my new AppleTV. I just have to wait on the new base station for wireless networking then I can veg and not have to move for days. (until Aline comes down from the frozen north to whap me with a fish) I've been renting the season one disks of Supernatural (LOVE LOVE LOVE that show! Definately one of the coolest, most original shows on TV that deserves WAY more attention than it is getting) The hubby has cut off my spending on TV box sets until I get writing more, but I just couldn't wait to see season one. If you haven't seen this show, definately check it out. New episodes start airing on April 19th, unfortunately at the same time as CSI and Grey's Anatomy...but you can usually catch it other nights of the week too (especially in Canada hehehe)

K, back to writing...Happy Easter

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manik said...

which all bows you use? i love recurve bows