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Thursday Thirteen - Stargate Atlantis Quotes

Thirteen quotes from STARRGATE: ATLANTIS

ok, so a few weeks ago I did quotes from Supernatural, and I was going to do something a little more insightful this week, but since Blogger wouldn't let me in, I'm cheaping out and doing another quote list. This week I'm doing my favorite quotes from Stargate Atlantis, most of which will probably involve my two favorite snarksters, Rodney McKay and John Sheppard.

1. From "Rising - Part 1"
McKay: We need the ZedPM to power the gate.
O'Neill: What?
Jackson: ZPM. He's Canadian.
O'Neill: I'm Sorry.

2. From "Rising - Part 2"
Sheppard: Flight, this is ... (he smiles) Puddlejumper. We’re go for launch.
McKay: Er, this is Flight. I thought we were going with Gateship?
Sheppard: Negative, Flight.
McKay: Stand by. (to Weir) It’s a ship; it goes through the Gate, I ... Fine – Puddlejumper, you are clear for launch.

3. From "Rising - Part 2"
Sheppard: I was just wondering where we go from here?
(map pops up)
Ford: So, how do we find them once we land?
Sheppard: I've been thinking about that too...
(life-sense detector device appears)
Sheppard: Now I'm thinking about a nice turkey sandwich...
(looks around, nothing happens)
Ford: Worth a try

4. From "Hide and Seek"
McKay: (looking at mice) You got your eye on anyone?
Beckett: Not really.
McKay: Actually I was talking to the mouse. But now you mention it some of those Athosian women are pretty hot. And we did just save them from the Wraith so we got to trade on that while we can, you know? Before they discover that we're not actually that cool.

5 From "38 Minutes"
Kavanagh: I happily left the SGC because I had had it up to here with the military running things, and you just busted me like a Private.
Weir: Don't be so dramatic. Besides, the Air Force doesn't have Privates.
Kavanagh: Neither do I. You just cut them off. Right in front of my research team.

6. From "Underground"
McKay: I built an atomic bomb for my grade six science fair exhibit.
Ford: They let you do that up in Canada?

7. From " Brotherhood"
McKay: Suddenly I feel so tired.
Allina: You’re a scientist. Are you not used to this by now?
McKay: Ah, but my kind of science is the good kind of science. The kind you can do sitting on a chair or… laying on a couch.

8. From "Letters From Pegasus"
McKay: I once caught mono kissing a girl in Algebra Club. Missed an entire month of school. Still, the kiss was, uh, something, so it was, uh, probably worth it. April Bingham – cute blonde! God – you see, I love blondes, especially with the, uh, the short hair. Mmm. Samantha Carter – if you're watching, the torch is still burning – sadly, soon to be extinguished, but, uh...You know, you should know – I think you are, you're great – you're really, really great, and, uh, I would go so far as saying you're the hottest scientist I've ever worked with. In fact, there's probably not a night that goes by that I don't, uh, find myself, uh...okay, Ford, let's, let's lose that.

9. From "The Intruder"
Sheppard: This is what I do when I have problems with my laptop, I turn it off and then I... turn it on again.
Weir: I think this is a little bit more complicated than that.
Sheppard: I'm just saying that if we're taking a page from the John Sheppard book of computer repair, we're really desperate.

10. From "Runner"
Sheppard: It almost smells like I’m on vacation.
McKay: (smearing on sunscreen) Could it be the simulated tropical aroma of cocoa butter?
Sheppard: Strong enough for anyone within five miles to smell you.
McKay: Like they haven’t been tipped off by the Aqua Velva

11. From "Runner"
McKay: So exactly what kind of special training do you guys have to go through to get this sort of mission?
Lorne: 'You guys'?
McKay: Yeah, you know – 'Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. It’s a great place to start'.
Lorne: And by this mission you mean hunting down a skilled weapons expert hopped up on Wraith drugs, in the pitch black of an alien planet?
McKay: Yes.
Lorne: Actually, I skipped that course in Major School.
McKay: I was afraid of that.
Lorne: I was hoping Lt. Ford would recognize a friendly face and turn himself in.
McKay: You mean me?
Lorne: Well you were friends, weren’t you?
McKay: Oh yeah, when we weren’t out on harrowing missions, we used to hang out together. I’d share my dreams of a self-sustaining fusion, he would talk about how you could sever a man’s torso with a P-90.

12. From "Duet" - one of my favorite episodes. Rodney has a woman's conciousness sharing his brain and when she takes over and sashay's it's just so funny.
McKay: I'm not crazy. I just have another consciousness in my brain.
Sheppard: So he just looks crazy.
McKay: I'm sure I do, but only because Dr. Fumbles-McStupid over here was in way over his head!

13. From "Condemned"
McKay: What are you...oh my God, he's tasting it! You don't know what that is. That could be their laundry!
Ronon: (sampling stew) Very good!
McKay: Oh yes, good idea! And when you're finished with their porridge, why don't we try their beds, hmm?
Ronon: (to Teyla) Want some?
McKay: How good is it?
Sheppard: Leave it be, Goldilocks.

and a bonus one, because this is just such typical McShep interaction....

From "Aurora" This is an awesome episode full of snark
Sheppard: That's her.
McKay: That's the Wraith?
Sheppard: Yeah.
McKay: (in awe) Wow... she's hot... I mean seriously hot.
Sheppard: Rodney, you're drooling over a Wraith.
McKay: I know I disgust myself sometimes.
...and a few minutes later....
Sheppard: There are Wraith ships on the way??
McKay: I’m sure I mentioned that…
Sheppard: No you didn’t.
McKay: Well, it…it threw me when she was so hot

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scribbit said...

Would you believe I've never seen Stargate? I'm a nerd, I know.

Jennie Andrus/Piper Evyns said...

ACK! K, to be honest, I had no desire to watch stargate despite my love for all things sci-fi...but then all my writing buddies were ooohing and awwwing about Richard Dean Anderson so I said, what the heck...

Now I'm...well, Kim would say obsessed. So don't despair...I hadn't watched any of the shows either before about 6 months ago.

Hmm, I just copied over my code from last time...guess I should change my picture huh? LOL

Dragonheart said...

Great Atlantis quotes! :) It's one of my humans' favourite shows. :) My humans are Canadian, and so my mom LOVES the way Rodney pronounces "Zed Pee Emm." :D Duet is one of their favourite episodes too.