Monday, September 22, 2008

Something Sweet is DONE

ANd subbed. So that's one item off my list for the PWC. I can practically taste the whiskey...*shoves shot glass behind computer*

Next up is Brazen's Army and Enemy of the Heart. I'm thinking I'm going to do a massive rewrite on Enemy though. Brazen was left at the start of a sex scene, stupid me.

I'm hoping I'll get a celebratory season of Smallville for submitting something *grin*

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Personal Writing Challenge (PWC)

Okay, so Kim and Dawn started this thing, and since I'm not getting too far on my own, I figure why not.

So, my goal for December 31 at 11:59 is to have done 2500 words a day, which, if I start tomorrow (since today is almost over) is 182500...sweet Merlin. I'm insane...Well, we'll see how we get. My story goals will be listed below, though some of these are Piper stories...just so I don't confuse myself later on.

Something Sweet (m/m) PIPER

Greg isn't the same cheerful guy Alex remembers. After ten years of estrangement, he's now faced with a quiet, twitchy shadow of his old friend. He's only got a week or so to get to the bottom of this, overcome their past and claim Greg as his own.

Forgotten Heir (m/f)

Sequel to Dragon's Birth

Vander has a secret and in the wake of war, he may have no choice but to reveal his true identity even if it thrusts him back into the political arena and an old betrothal agreement.

Twilight Witch (m/f) PIPER

Captain Hilary Burke is living under a curse that prevents him from returning to his homeland. Sophie needs to find her dead fiancee's brother in hopes he'll honor the marriage contract, that will save both their families from scandal. In the sin-filled city of Port Royale, Sophie finds the new Lord Burke living the life of a pirate, but is everything really as it seems?

Brazen's Army (m/m) PIPER

Lt. Col. Brazen Malone's assignment was simple - assassinate Ridley Sikes, pretty boy scholar and supposed threat to the Atlantic Rim Alliance. In a war torn, post-apocalyptic future, it's two men against the world, and powerful, unimaginable threat.

K, I'll edit this post later and add more...need to think about this some more...
**edited to add**

A Cache of Bones (m/f)

When a group of hikers comes across a bone in a geocache leading the local sheriff and a forensic anthropologist on a state wide search for clues.

Enemy of the Heart m/f

Okay, this one has been on the go for ever...I want it done before I start screaming

Black Star Conspiracy m/m/f/m (also known as SF4 = Sci-fi foursome) PIPER obviously

A space opera menage with lots of action (both of the naughty and the bloody kind)

Okay that puts me at about 110K so lets continue....

Flirting with the Sandpiper m/f

not sure where I'm going with this except it's got an assassin...I came across the title in a bar guide and loved it....

7 Days to Darkness m/f

The Oakcroft family has been charged with guarding the gate to the demon realm, but when all but four are slaughtered, it's up to one man, bitter from his years fighting a Holy War, to prevent all out invasion. (This is the beginning of a series that spans centuries with about 6 stories set in regency period, a few in modern times and then a few set about 400 years in the future)

Golden Cadillac m/m PIPER
Blood Ties m/f PIPER (sequel to blood Bonds)
From the Ashes of War - m/f third in the Dragon Wing series (and then it's all done!)

That's about 205K I'd be happy to get even a few of these done