Friday, May 01, 2009


Four months of 2009 gone and I've writing! Bad me! I could say there were legitimate reasons, but that would be a lie. I've been reading fan fiction, and doing other pointless things. I have found some cool ways to procrastinate though...

Delicious Library - a mac platform inventory software that lets you use your iSight (or other web cam) as a UPC code scanner. Very cool and soooo much fun. I've been scanning books, movies, and video games.

SousChef - another mac program that is for organizing recipes. I have HUNDREDS of cookbooks and magazines full of recipes and I can never find what I want. I've spent hours sitting on the floor in the kitchen, with magazines scattered all over the place, and by the time I find the recipe, I'm either too damn tired to cook, or I don't have all the ingredients. I've spent a week wittling down the pile though. Most of the ones I've done are from Canadian Living magazines...which is cool cause all the recipes are online on their web site...I just copy and paste. I hate having to type out the instructions for a long complicate recipe.

Bento Lunches - weird way to procrastinate, I know. It started with my daughter being so picky. She won't eat sandwiches, or wraps and because of loose teeth, won't eat apples in her lunch either. I was having a hard time finding things that I could give her until I got the may 2009 issue of Canadian Living (Yes I love this magazine) and saw the article on Bento Lunches and the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. *light bulb* The kids love Naruto, and so I thought, why not do bento lunches for them? Beats buying prepackaged snacks all the time. So I've been researching, compiling lists of ideas and trying out things on the kids to see if they like it. They LOVE rice balls. In my searches, I found an amazing thing...people post pictures of their lunch online! I was shocked. I mean, yeah, some of them are pretty damn artistic, but it was still odd...helpful though! I got lots of ideas for things to feed my kids. My son LOVES steamed asparagus, cooled, and cut into bite sized pieces. Not to mention there are some beautiful bento boxes for sale out there. I'm using containers from the dollar store, but I think for Christmas I might get them each a nice one.

So yeah, that's how I've been wasting my time. There's also the leaking roof, the broken hot water heater, and the frantic cleaning rush that preceded a home inspection so we could get a loan to fix the roof. I did manage to almost finish making myself a real office though, so I can get the desk out of the living room and have so privacy when I write. This is handy because the kids are starting to get really good at reading and I don't want them peeking over my shoulder as I write sex scenes. Bad enough when the hubby does it.

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