Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer's End

I can't believe there's a week till school starts!  Mental!  I didn't accomplish much of anything this summer, sadly, though I guess, given all the stuff going on I shouldn't be surprised.

First, we had Bolerama, which was awesome this year.  The kids are now at an age where I don't have to spend all my time yelling at them to stay off the road.  Then again, I did spend all my time untangling fishing line from the trees around our camp site...they were practicing casting.  They did catch a few fish when their daddy took them to the lake, so all that practicing came in handy.

Next the kids were in art classes for a week, which should have netted me some good writing time, but I was having a mild panic attack about my own course and the upcoming "having to read outloud to strangers" thing.  

Obviously, the next week was my own workshop...AWESOME!  I won't go on and on about it again, but it did have my hyped up to write like crazy...except...

My aunt died the next week.  It was really devastating for everyone because she wasn't very old and it could have been prevented had she not been so afraid of going to the doctor in the first place.  I spent a lot of the next week scanning old pictures with my brother to help put together a slide show for the memorial.  She was a great woman, one of the best teachers in the county, and a wonderful aunt.

Anyway, the rest of the summer we did a bit of swimming, went on a canoe trip to Bottle Lake (Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park) and spent a night camping at Balsam Lake.  Next week, we're going to try and hit Algonquin, do some hiking or maybe camp one night if it isn't too's been getting down to almost 0 at nights!  How nuts is that?