Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finally making progress!

After a long (2 years, 1 month and 10 day) Hiatus, I've finally managed to submit something. Jewel of the Highlands is a short contemporary, sweet romance...not my normal thing. There's no para or sci-fi elements...well, except for a pervy ghost, but he doesn't get much page time.

The inspiration for the story came from personal experience. Julie, the heroine, used to work at a resort called Tiara Islands Inn, and has nothing but fond memories of those summers. When the resort is slated to be sold to developers who plan to demolish it to build condos, she decides to buy it herself and fix it up to it's former glory.

I worked at a similar place when I was younger. Life was one big party back then, with far too many days going in to work with a hang over. If you can believe it, I went to college to get away from the partying. For a while, I lived on property, so stumbling home in the dark was pretty common. But the drinking aside, it was a good time. I made a lot of great friends, did a lot of stupid things, and managed to survive without destroying resort property.

So Jewel of the Highlands is my way of tipping my hat to those days, at least the fondly remembered ones. I know there were a lot of days that sucked big time. (New Years was pretty much 2 days straight of work...from 7am on the 31st straight through to midnight on the first....and we didn't even get to toast in the new year.)

Any one else work at a resort in the past? Got any good stories to tell?