Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too hot to do anything

I swear a week ago, I was bundled in a sweater while eating on my parent's patio. It was windy and just chilly enough to need a long sleeve shirt and jeans. Now, I feel like I'm melting and it's only 9 in the morning. Heat wave's suck. Today's forcast is calling for 36 degrees (before humidity is taken in to account, which will apparently make it feel like 46) for those not using celcius, that's 97 feeling like 110.

This is perfect laze around reading weather. Too bad I'm not exactly going to be allowed to do that. I should be writing, or cleaning the house, or planning our camping trip, or weeding my garden. Yeah, I don't think so. Poor Chris is going to be working in a hot restaurant kitchen.

So, I'm going to go make a batch of lemonade, keep the kids and dogs hydrated, and hope the heat doesn't result in another 3 day long power outage. We don't have an air conditioner, so at least I won't be contributing much to the strain on the power grid.