Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas already?

So...back in the spring I had planned to write at least two Christmas stories and here it is, almost a month until Christmas and no stories in sight. I also haven't really bought any presents yet, nor have I gotten the yearly "where are we going when" holiday disaster sorted out. Every year, we add more people to the equation, so every year, it becomes even more difficult to figure out when each section of the family should hold it's gathering.

So, I was giving some thought to perfect Christmas gifts for writers. Obviously #1 is an iPad (for those who don't already have one) because lets face it, they rock. I love mine, and take it and my keyboard/dock everywhere I go so I can write.

I did a bit of net surfing to see what other people thought would be awesome gifts for writers and here's a sampling of what I found....

ebook reader - pretty cool. I have apps for kindle, kobo and ibookstore on my ipad so I don't really need one but I admit they look very nice and whenever I'm in Chapters, I drool over them a bit.

Digital Voice Recorder - Again, cool and useful. I'm sure if you don't have hangups about hearing your own voice on stuff, it would be a handy little gadget...I get all squicky when I hear myself so I don't know if I'd use it much.

Going in the less tech-driven direction, there are some less expensive ideas that writers will always want and need. Pens, highlighters, paper clips, staplers, notebooks...a nice gift basket of these essentials would be thoughtful. Add in a mug and a supply of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and I think that would make a great gift.

What do you other writers wish for this holiday season?

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