Friday, November 25, 2011

A little pissed at Nintendo

Our Wii was heavily used, and more often than not, the kids would leave it running all night long because they didn't want to stop the game if it couldn't be saved. So naturally, it broke. After almost a year, we finally were able to set aside the funds to get a new one, and when the blue one came on sale this weekend, we thought "cool! Blue is different."

This one didn't come with any games, which was fine with us, as we already had the games the other consoles come with. So we rushed out to get one, worried they would sell out quickly, and because it was a Black Friday sale and the crowds were a little thick, we didn't bother to read the side of the box. Nor did I bother to search up reviews online, because hey, we'd already had a Nintendo Wii and I honestly didn't think there would be any difference other than color. Why would anyone think that certain features would be left out of one color of console? Unless you happen to be the kind of person who reads gaming blogs on a regular basis, you'd never know until it was too late.

Apparently, I was wrong. The blue console doesn't have the ability to play gamecube disks, nor use gamecube controllers. When we tried to open the area where the controllers would plug in, it wouldn't budge, so I went online thinking maybe I just missed some secret to opening the compartment...nope. And apparently, it also doesn't have wi-fi capability which is really going to piss the kids off when they can't enter the mii contests anymore.

A very squinty eyed look at the box revealed it did actually say no gamecube very tiny letters that took me forever to actually see.

We've had every model of Nintendo to ever be released, including every version of gameboy/DS. I've always been a very loyal Nintedo fan, even when others have tried to sway me to other systems that had better graphics or games that just weren't available on the Nintendo platform. This just infuriates me because it makes no sense. The one thing I loved about the Wii was that it did play Gamecube games, which for us was wonderful as our son had destroyed our Gamecube when he was a baby. What purpose does it serve to make one version of the console without that feature? And for God's sake, why didn't they at least make the lack known on the front of the box? People who were going to buy a Wii, but wanted the Gamecube compatibility would buy the other versions, and nobody would be furious and feel like they'd been cheated.

Arg. Off to deal with two kids who are severely disappointed. Maybe I'll buy them a PS3 or an Xbox for Christmas and take this thing back for a refund.

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