Sunday, March 04, 2012

Reading Teen Romances

I'm not ashamed to admit I have a soft spot for high school romance movies, and yeah, I'll read teen romances. Maybe it's some sort of pathetic "want to relive my high school years but have them not suck" kind of thing. I grabbed a copy of Meg Cabot's Vanished, Vol 1 yesterday and read it all in one sitting. It was like someone took Stephanie Plum at age sixteen and put her in rural Indiana and gave her psychic powers. I LOVED it. If Cabot's other books are this good, I can tell I'll be heading to the bookstore quite often.

I know a lot of adults have read series like Twilight (I haven't yet...I can't get past Bella's woe-is-me attitude) but I was wondering if there were any "teen" that people would recommend. Our bookstore has a big teen section. By comparison, they don't have much as far as mysteries or adult romance and their sci-fi/fantasy section? So tiny!

So please, if you have read some good books generally considered to be teen reads, let me know.